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Switches 1 through 6 select the analog input range and resolution. All inputs are set to the same analog input range and format. Conversion of the analog signal input is performed each time the analog point is accessed by your program.

These times must be added to the basic execution time of the instruction used to access the analog input. Since the modules are high-speed modules, they can follow rapid changes in the analog input signal including internal and external noise. Reading-to-reading variations caused by noise for a constant or slowly changing analog input signal can be minimized by averaging a number of readings. As the number of readings used in computing the average value increases, a correspondingly slower response time to changes in the input signal can be observed.

The specifications for repeatability describe the reading-to-reading variations of the module for an input signal that is not changing. The mean accuracy specification describes the average value of the error the difference between the average value of individual readings and the exact value of the actual analog input signal. The repeatability is described in Figure 7 by the bell curve.

Table 4 gives the repeatability specifications and the mean accuracy as they relate to each of the configurable ranges. Germany Warranty: Three months. Like this: Like Loading Optimized by PhastPress.


Siemens 6ES7 235-0KD22-0XA0 Processor/Controller



6ES7 235-0KD22-0XA0 Siemens S7-200, ANALOG I/O EM 235, 4AI, DC +/-10V 1AO, DC +/-10V


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