Absolutely beautiful I love the Spanish language and think it is beautiful as well Add to list. Que la ciudad exista tranquilamente lejos.

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Que la ciudad exista tranquilamente lejos. Left from the oak Mario Benedetti, translated by Laura Marcos I wonder if this has ever happened to you but the Botanic Garden is a sleeping park where one can feel like a tree o like a fellow human as long as a prerequisite is met: that the city exists peacefully far away. After all, the secret is to look up and see how clouds fight for the tree tops and see how the nests fight for the birds. Those two for instance, left from the oak, I could also call it an almond tree or an araucaria thanks to my gaps on Pan and Linneo are talking and its seems that words are moved to pity and stay there to look at them since not even their echoes get here. I am a non-native speaker of English who seeks to enlarge her opportunities to practice and hopefully entertain casual readers that might come across this blog. If you ever get to read this, please be so kind as to point at any grammar, vocabulary or otherwise mistake you may spot.


Left from the oak (Mario Benedetti, translated by Laura Marcos)



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