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However, my un-co-ordinated finger clicked on your request for contribution, otherwise I would not have a known that you are not funded, and b know what on earth you were asking for a contribution FOR!!!! Such a bad banner - assumes I know about this. Try putting something like "Keep Wikipoedia going", or "Sponsor wikipoedia" "Can you help wikipoedia" or "Wikipoedia needs you".

We are looking forward to your version of wikipeida, lawstubes. However, each 'fact' is maintained as such a fact by the editing community by way of VOTE. Down rated facts are not removed from the list, but categorized into expandable subsections, such as 'nonsense', 'well established' etc. Each 'fact' would need to be a single sentence colons and semi colons allowed covering the single topic of the fact its self.

This being the only rule in association with the creation of a 'fact' other than the requirement that a 'new' fact is in fact "new" and not already on a list. Lawstubes , 2 January UTC. I do have a request though Waz , 2 January UTC.

Linedwell frwiki , 2 January UTC. Thanks to the wikimedianfoundation's wiki User who can correct this. Hi there, if everyone donates money, then doesn't that make Wikipedia a venture?

I've looked at the code and it seems there is a typo. Was the first CTO a laptop? I've found so much value in wikipedia, especially with regard to my kids' homework. It's an amazing resource that I use at least 5x a week. I wasn't able to donate much this year, but am embarking on a new career that will hopefully help me to both donate more and contribute intelligence to this wonderful resource.

They have to do it, because the Wikimedia websites and movement keep growing. Wikipedia is now the fifth most visited website in the world, but our staff, infrastructure and budget are just a fraction of any other top 10 website's.

The wikimedia set-ups throughout the world are interesting and very educative. As a native of South Africa and having been a journalist since , I was wondering why not start a branch in my country- South Africa. I am available to man it as I am still writing, though now for government publications including my own community newspaper called Mzansi News Express.

Mailto: bd3 dwaf. This page and maybe others has not been updated for quite a while. I may do that, if you need of is guillom is not free to do this. There is some incorrect information re: Marlene Danielle longest running performer in Broadway history. She has also not been included in your list of American dancers.

I am her mother and can provide a biography approved by her. Not really sure where to post this, but Polish has been a couple thousand ahead of Italian for some time now, but is still listed after Italian.

All other sites - PBS etc - say Berkshire. Sincerely yours, Dalton2 , 3 February UTC Note: this message is also available in Spanish to all the people with access to the Spanish Wikipedia, from the nearly million people who speak and in most cases, only speak Spanish in the world. Before we would even consider paying people to translate content, I think it would be a much better investment to pay a translation coordinator, improve translation tools, develop clearer priorities about what needs to be translated, etc.

We've talked about this possibility and may end up hiring someone to do this full-time. Regarding transparency, see the activity reports , the associated monthly report card, the blog and techblog , our active participation on countless open mailing lists , IRC office hours , etc.

Much of our actual work is being done in the open, with public code commits , public server admin logs , public issue tracking and of course countless public wikis.

So you can in many cases literally track minute individual actions of a staff member. In terms of reporting and being accountable for the actual work that's being done, I'd love to see examples -- any examples -- of organizations that do a better job, ideally with links to their reports, public communication channels, activity feeds, and metrics. Salaries reflect a private agreement between employee and employer, and outside governments, are generally regarded as private and personal information with the exception of disclosure requirements imposed on top earners.

One has to understand the dynamics of the public sector to be entirely different from the private sector. Governments are heavily regulated, reduce managerial flexibility, and typically are designed to support employee longevity over performance, by means of standardized pay schedules and limited managerial discretion.

In the private sector, flexibility and performance are regarded as key to enabling innovation and a competitive environment where high performers thrive. The pressures on employees are also different.

A private sector employee who accepts a significant pay cut to do a job they love will not want that information to be disclosed to their next employer, for fear of sabotaging their career. Moreover, the lack of standardized pay makes internal conflict as a result of a full salary disclosure much more likely. Such disclosure would also reduce the ability to achieve cost savings through negotiation. Non-profits are recognized to typically be somewhat in the middle between public and private sector.

There's a greater need for accountability in spending, but NPO managers must be able to exercise reasonable discretion in hiring and performance-based compensation. This is, in the US, achieved by requiring non-profits to comply with certain disclosure requirements, which include salary disclosure of key employees in the form Employees who do not meet all 3 of these tests are not listed on this part of the Form as per the guidelines of the IRS.

Finally, regarding the reference to knitting as an example: Can you provide a citation for this? I'd like to see it in context.. Hi Wikimedia Foundation Feedback: here's a suggestion on a possible new fundraising source that may be both practical and able to generate significant funds, submitted for consideration.

Aside from the annual fundraising drive which appeals to many Wikipedians, its entirely possible to have a separate benefactor donation system linked to every article page.

It would permit readers of Wikipedia articles to make payments to both the contributors of an article, and to Wikipedia itself. I would imagine that such a company might provide the electronic payment processing for Wikimedia on a pro bono , or at cost basis since it would likely not involve a great deal of effort on their part because it would use their existing infrastructures.

The Wikipedia encyclopaedias have several stakeholders -let's reward the two principals. I believe this would benefit both Wikimedia and the quality of the articles at the same time. One system can benefit both stakeholders, and at the same time provide a greater motivation for expansion of articles and their depth. The processor would receive the payments from readers, aggregate them and then bill them monthly to the readers that volunteer to make such payments.

Registration of benefactors would be handled by the processing organization, which would obtain valid credit card or bank account information from those wishing to donate. Doubtlessly, many readers have been impressed by the broad scope of articles available, and by the depth and quality of its many individual articles. Let's allow such readers the opportunity to provide a modest award to the article's contributors and to Wikimedia at the same time.

For simplicity, such donations would be tax exempt: no formal donation paperwork would be issued regarding donations for income tax purposes. After confirmation, that payment data would be registered with the payment processor. At the end of the month, the payment processor would aggregate the donations and bill the benefactors' registered credit cards or other accounts.

Please contact me if I can be of further help in refining this suggestion. For your consideration, with best regards. Dhaivat Raj-Sitarist: www. How long has it been since the foundation wiki main page was updated? On the topic of Home , I think the two columns need to be balanced i.

Bennylin , 11 February UTC. Jafeluv , 11 February UTC. I thought it would be nice if when you hover your mouse over a link, to have a small popup window with a brief, at a glance explanation of whatever it was. Then you could be reading the text, and if a word came up you werent familiar with, you could get a concept of what it means quickly, while still reading the original text.

Then, afterwards, you could go back and click the link to learn more with your enhanced perspective of the general material. It says:. The errors are quite small but I think they still deserve fixing. I can not understand that this site there have so many children they bannisent u'administrateur time without communicating with no real reason was just wondering if it is a contest in a circ bani us or each new user 's is the shit of this site.

I would like to contribute information on the legal issues arising from Dexia involvement in two Madoff related funds financed by Dexia.

This is important news that should be added. As for Dexia in Israel, it is contradictory to the original strategy as related to the creation of Dexia Bahrain.

I am interested as to why there is no current biographical listing for Kathryn Bolkovac. She exposed an international sex trafficking ring in post-war Bosnia, won a law suit against a major international company for wrongful termination and now has a motion picture about her experience. Can someone please illuminate for me why she doesn't have a listing?

In brief: based on a literal reading of Wikimedia Foundation's Terms of Use it looks like someone can just copy a whole Wikipedia page, add a link to the WP article in the "External links" section without explicitly attributing WP, and that satisfies the requirement as described.

I'm sure that's not actually the intention, but it seems like a problem. I know one wiki which is reusing Wikipedia content, simply linking the Wikipedia page under "External links," based on this interpretation. There was no name for the village then so they the people on the train started calling it the cocoa stop.

The name caught on and finally was officially named Cocoa. Is a BSc or MSc in statistics not acceptable? I would have thought it would be ideal. Qwfp , 15 March UTC. The site has a broken link Spanish, which refers to the Civil Code of Argentina. Shouldn't that job opening be taken down? Banaticus , 16 March UTC.


Foundation wiki feedback/Archive/2011

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