Update your browser to view this website correctly. Update my browser now. Most consoles are in one of two categories, either very basic in control and price, or exorbitant in price and fully functioned. Allen and Heath has come up with a model that bridges the gap, by offering a console that contains many great functions and a reasonable price tag, via their latest model, the flagship console of their fleet, the ML There are a lot of mixing consoles out there. Product Points Applications : Live sound, sound reinforcement, installation.

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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Service Manual. Dual Function Live Sound Console. Table of Contents. We recommend that you read this fully before starting. Included is information on installing, connecting and operating the console, panel drawings, system block diagram and technical specification.

For further information on the basic principles of audio system engineering, please refer to one of the specialist publications available from bookshops and audio equipment dealers. ML User Guide Page 5: Important Safety Instructions Refer servicing to qualified technical personnel only.

Installation Install the console in accordance with the instructions printed in this User Guide. Do not connect the output of power amplifiers directly to the console. Use audio connectors and plugs only for their intended purpose. Page 6: Mains Plug Wiring Instructions The console should be transported in the original packing or purpose built foam lined flightcase.

Protect the control surface from damage during transit. The console is a large and heavy item. To avoid injury ensure adequate man power and precaution when lifting or moving the console.

It can be quickly configured for front-of-house FOH or stage monitor mixing. As one console suitable for both applications it is equally well suited to installation, rental and touring. It offers an Page Technical Specifications 2-Track TRS jack.. Page Earthing Use good quality cables and connectors and check for correct wiring and reliable solder joints.

Allow sufficient cable loop to prevent damage through stretching. If you are not sure Up to two sidecars may be cable provided with the console. Page 17 L, R and C main mix.

Pin 2 hot. The C recommended. The 4-pin XLR prevents any output is available as the engineers wedge monitor confusion with the 3-pin audio connections. This allows plenty of additional headroom Using the Meters. The ML provides metering if you need it. If you are connecting to crossovers at all important stages through the signal chain. Page Mono Input And Eq Hz , reduce handling noise and stage rumble, or protect the speakers from very low frequency energy set around 30 to 50Hz.

Switch out to preserve full sub energy for low frequency 1kHz sounds such as kick drum, bass and special effects. These rotary controls adjust how much channel signal is sent to the auxiliary outputs Page Removing The Fader PK can flash, for displayed on the main VU and LED bar meters example, if the preamp is clipping while signal reads providing finer resolution and dynamic display. A centre fill speaker is The ML LCRplus system extends signal used to reinforce the sound to the first few rows of imaging beyond conventional LR and LCR panning the audience when the L and R speakers are by allowing full 3 speaker balance and positioning positioned far apart.

While you could use the matrix to balance groups of sounds between the speakers, LCRplus lets you balance the image independently for each sound. The low frequency band has a shelving response that cuts or boosts the lower bass frequencies by up to 15dB. The shelf turning point is 60Hz. Switches the equaliser in or out. Use this when the stereo image is too wide or not appropriate for the application.

It does not affect the C output. At the detented centre position the signal routes equally to L and R. The control has a 3dB attenuation at centre position. Page Rotary Aux Masters Each mix provides an insert for patching in an equaliser or other signal processing, full metering, mono or stereo AFL, and talkback enable. The rotary master outputs would not normally be used when the fader masters are configured as monitor sends.

Page Main Mix Masters 0dB operating position. The mute status is always displayed on the switch regardless of mode. Mono and stereo to feed different groups of signals into the matrix. Page 39 The signal follows the fader levels and image controls with C mixed into the L and R so that you can listen to the LCR mix in stereo. Page Mute Groups cleared or turned on set using the shifted recall function. The ML has 8 mute groups.

You can select Using Mute Groups more than one group at the same time. VCA group mutes cannot be assigned to the mute groups. Page Snapshot Memories Clear all - Turn all console mutes off groups. The groups always take priority. Press and hold this key together with another to action that keys shifted function. This provides access to additional setup controls such as selecting the MIDI channel number, and protection for functions such as solo-in-place. Page Recalling Snapshots To turn all Mutes on or off in a snapshot.

Recall the snapshot. Now store the snapshot again. Page Channel Solo Safes The safe settings are not making to the overall sound. When you have finished soloing the channels simply press the SIP switch again to restore normal console operation. Its LED checking signals in the headphones. The controls are logically grouped near the talkback section for easy single handed operation of the listen, signal and talk functions. Depending on the setting of the on the ML This gives you the best of both underpanel mode switches F1 these display group average and peak metering.

The format for a single at a later date, for example a re-run of a previous packet is as follows: performance. Print page 1 Print document 60 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR.

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The acquisition is the latest in an upgrade of the venue's sound system. The Zanzibar is renowned for showcasing local bands, and has been the 'spiritual home' for Liverpool's emerging talent, notably The Zutons and The Stands. However, with technical demands increasing, we knew it was time to progress to the next level with our mixing console," comments Zanzibar's system engineer, Andy Free. Top of the wish list was plenty of mono channels; modern guitar bands are now including samplers, sequencers, DI'd guitar processors and even brass sections, so a channel frame size was a must. We also needed an ample number of aux sends as we receive frequent requests for extra monitor sends such as a click track for the drummer or an in-ear mix for the vocalist.


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This seller has not set a shipping cost for Germany. Please contact them to ask about shipping. Its extensive features and straightforward layout provide comprehensive control and flexibility as a front-of-house FOH or monitor mixer. Twenty-seven 27 buss outputs are provided for flexible routing to monitors, recorders, etc. Inserts on all input channels, group outputs, matrix outputs and main outputs are provided.


Allen & Heath ML5000


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