Picture: Supplied. I though that this was a great initiative and if it works for Gauteng then we must ask that it be done for all provinces. I first tried to call the number via a live broadcast on social media. I held on for 10 minutes and got no response.

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Its policies have been labelled as black supremacist and racist. Some of its members have been accused of threatening investigative journalists. The IEC officially annulled [1] the party registration on 15 July as a result of its violation of the Electoral Act, which prohibits limiting membership on the basis of race.

In November , the movement decided to amend its constitution to allow Whites to be members of the movement. Andile Mngxitama served as an EFF member of parliament after the party won 25 seats in the general election , the first elections ever contested by the EFF after their founding the previous year.

Mngxitama became unhappy with EFF leadership after its inaugural elective conference in December He accused EFF leadership, and in particular its founder Julius Malema , of having the "same tendencies as the ANC ", a party that Malema had been expelled from in This had always been an essential issue for Mngxitama, who had voiced his opinion to no avail during his tenure on the parliamentary Committee on Rural Development and Land Reform. BLF have also shown support for the controversial Gupta family , who have been widely accused of " capturing " the South African state through their dealings with Zuma.

In August , Mngxitama exhorted the South African Reserve Bank to seize white farms and to initiate the formation of a black bank. In July , e-mails surfaced suggesting that Mngxitama received instructions from the Gupta family and their contracted PR company Bell Pottinger. In its "Revolutionary Call" released on 13 August , BLF notes that, "[w]ithout land there is no freedom or dignity. We want Land First because it is the basis of our freedom, our identity, our spiritual well-being, our economic development and culture.

The land of Africans was stolen and this theft has rendered us landless in our own land. We want all the land with all of its endowments on its surface together with all the fortunes underground as well as the sky.

All of it belongs to us! We are a people crying for our stolen land! Now we have decided to get it back by any means necessary" SCI: "By any means necessary means without regard to famine, bloodshed or deteriorating as Zimbabwe did as our spiritual well-being demands it".

The Sankofa Bird is a symbol for understanding a people engaged in the struggle for freedom through the power of revolutionary historical lessons. In this regard, the Sankofa bird, while looking backwards, flies forward with an egg in its mouth.

The clenched black fist symbolises Black Power , and the fountain pen signifies the importance of revolutionary theory as a guide to action in the revolutionary struggle. The five-pointed red star symbolises socialism and the blood of blacks whose lives were lost through the anti-blackness of white supremacy.

Moreover, the five points of the star represent the five continents and hence an internationalist outlook in pursuit of the total freedom of all the oppressed peoples of the world. The circle is coloured in green to signify the Land and all the minerals beneath it that must be returned to the people.

The circle itself, with its red outer and black inner boundary lines, serves to protect the people engaged in revolution.

According to its Constitution, [26] The BLF operates under the Leninist party organisational structure known as democratic centralism. The National Imbizo, as the supreme ruling body, will convene at least once every 5 years. Mngxitama has stated that the party's core ideologies are Black Consciousness and Pan-Africanism with a Sankarist leadership ethos. Its activities have led to it being called a supporter of black supremacy. The party's registration was annulled on 15 July Khoza was among a few ANC Members of Parliament urging other members to vote with their conscience in a vote of no confidence against President Jacob Zuma.

In a series of text messages, Khoza was urged to vote against the motion of no confidence against President Jacob Zuma or face death. Threats escalated towards Khoza's children and Khoza was also told that she had 21 days to live.

BLF Launched their own investigation into the accusations regarding the threats against Makhosi Khoza. BLF argued that Daily Maverick is a white monopoly capital publication that manufactured the story to increase Makhosi Khoza's public image in order to facilitate in a pro-white monopoly capital break-away party from the ANC.

Various images of Haffajee came to light with amateur photo manipulation depicting Haffajee in various acts with South African businessman Johann Rupert.

An army of fake Twitter accounts, also known as "Paid Twitter", retweeted and spread the images over social media. BLF, however, declined [39] and released a statement in which they listed other white journalists whom they indicated would be next on their target list. BLF further accused the non-white journalists who form part of the SANEF court case as 'house negroes' who suffer from an identity crisis. BLF stated that they will take action only against the white journalists who form part of the court case.

BLF members were accused of harassing and assaulting investigative journalist for amaBhungane , Micah Reddy, following the filming of a televised debate on the subject of fake news in South Africa. In June , leader Andile Mngxitama blamed white monopoly capital for a severe storm that hit Cape Town the preceding week. Mngxitama is of the opinion that climate change is the fault of "capitalism and racism".

He further argues that there are no natural disasters, only white-made disasters such as droughts and earthquakes. Mngxitama also stated that the blame for deaths caused by the Cape Storm should be placed at the feet of the Oppenheimer and Rupert family as well as the Democratic Alliance. Maasdorp also posted on his now-suspended Twitter account, in , "I have aspirations to kill white people, and this must be achieved!

In December , in response to comments made by Johann Rupert in support of the South African taxi industry, Mngxitama asserted at a BLF rally that "For each one person that is being killed by the taxi industry , we will kill five white people", [50] giving rise to the BLF slogan " ". We will kill their children, we will kill their women, we will kill anything that we find on our way. Mngxitama's Twitter account was also suspended as a result. President Mngxitama correctly stated that for every one black life taken, five whites would be taken!

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Black First Land First

The only way rent-a-gobs like Andile Mngxitama can flourish is by staying in the news, through any means necessary. It's high time we changed that. Andile Mngxitama's controversial tweet was reported by enough people on the social media platform for Twitter to sit up and take notice. Mngxitama has managed to cause fresh racial controversy this week. Nothing seems to be off limits as the BLF leader poked fun at the Holocaust. The global media are starting to take note of the mess Bell Pottinger and the Guptas have made


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Black First Land First BLF leader Andile Mngxitama says land must be returned to black people as this will help eradicate poverty and aid in achieving equality among black and white people. What it means is that if you want land as a black person, you must buy it from white people. Black people live in squatter camps, in townships and are excluded. White people live in the suburbs and are taken care of.


Mngxitama says he was kept on coronavirus hold, ‘assaulted by music’, until he gave up

How are you writing without having a grasp of how the social and political order functions? The Professor has forgotten that there is a direct correlation between wealth and poverty in a capitalist order like ours. In a series of tweets, Mda mocked Mngxitama, saying not only was he a failed politician, but he also failed to promote the discredited pyramid investment scheme, MMM. Does your master Andile want me to answer these primary school questions? Mxelele ukuba andinalo ixesha lobubhanxa. Suffice is to say that I have always abhorred charity and have written extensively against it.


De-registration not the end of BLF, says Andile Mngxitama


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