This unit is perfect for moving the console away from the computer or the KVM switch. Your console can be moved across the room or hall, out of the server room, or anywhere that is most convenient. It is also useful for security and monitoring purposes, where you can have the system unit in a secure area at the same time that you put the console in the most convenient location for user access and monitoring. It is easy to install and operate because of the Auto Signal Compensation ASC technology, which senses the distance and adjusts the signal levels accordingly so there is no need to do any dip switch setting. Info Accessories Related Questions Reviews.

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Reference: CEA. Manufacturer: ATEN. This product is no longer in stock. Availability date:. Tweet Share Pinterest. The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. Add to cart. If the question you have has not yet been answered here, use the form below to ask something about this addon. Non-powered local. Rating: Be the first to write a review!

The CEA KVM Extender is perfect for factory and construction sites, or any type of installation where the console needs to be in a conveniently accessible location, but you want the system equipment to reside in a safe place - away from dust, and harsh environmental influences.

It also features a custom ASIC that ensures the utmost in reliability and compatibility. It senses the distance to the computer and automatically adjusts the gain to compensate. The CEA KVM Extender provides the optimum means to access the remote computer, since it uses compact, inexpensive Cat 5e cable for a neater, more convenient, more reliable data transfer connection.

Warranty: 1 Year Local Warranty. NO registration required! I want to know:. Name: optional. Send question! Delivery can be arranged within 2 - 3 working days. Be the first to write a review! For some of rack mount products, please note that the standard physical dimensions of WxDxH are expressed using a LxWxH format.


ATEN CE250A PS2 KVM Console Extender



Aten CE250A PS/2 KVM Extender. Non-powered(local). 1280 x 1024 (150m)


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