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Eight monitors, mice, and keyboards are simply too expensive, bulky and inconvenient for most system administrators. Why bother when you can control all eight, or even up to computers with a single keyboard, monitor and mouse. Just think of the time, space and money you'll save. Built-in AutoScan mode lets you conveniently monitor every attached computer for a specified amount of time, while the on-screen display technology allows you to assign a unique name to each computer and access it via a slick, menu-driven interface.

With its 1U, 19" rack-mountable casing and status-monitoring LEDs, the MasterView Plus is the perfect switch for your server room or any other multi-computer environment. Info Accessories Related Questions Reviews. Weight 8lbs. Question: will I used it as LAN router wi-fi? Once connected to the separate computers, a single user console keyboard, video and mouse can be used to access each computer. Question: why the monitor is blur and after 3 seconds it is off? Answer: Thank you for your inquiry.

Unfortunately, detailed product support is beyond the scope of this simple FAQ. That being said, it almost sounds like the VGA cable is not fully seated or is faulty, but a number of issues can cause a blurry display.

Here are a couple things to check. Check all of the connections to make sure they are fully connected. Try a new VGA cable 3. Try connecting the monitor directly to the PC 4. Try a different monitor 5. Try connecting the attached computer to a different port or through a different KVM cable. Make sure there is no electromagnetic interference from wireless devices or microwaves.

For additional troubleshooting help, we would recommend contacting the manufacturer. Once in Hotkey mode, key in the port ID number then press [Enter]. You can also initiate the auto-scan mode by first invoking the hotkey mode and then keying in 0 zero and pressing [Enter]. Related Products.


ATEN CS9138 8-Port PS/2 KVM Switch



Aten CS9138 8-Port PS2 VGA KVM Switch


AFI 48-123 PDF

8-Port PS/2 VGA KVM Switch



Aten Masterview Plus 8-port KVM Switch


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