This article reads Atalanta in Calydon through Greek prosody. In its portentous moods, emotional violence, and above all its metrical range and virtuosity, the play recalls the sensations of Attic drama. Approaching the text through phenomenology — that is, the study of subjective experience of sense-perception — we can enter a netherworld between dead Greek and living English. Being alive, the chorus tells us, is tragic, because the essence of every experience can only be found in hindsight, after its moment of loss. When we rhyme, we use one word to evoke the memory of a previous one, establishing sonic parallels where semantic correspondences did not necessarily exist. But this is, of course, the point: in this post-classical tragedy, the time is out of joint.

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Skip to: content. You are here Home. Search form Search. Swinburne, Algernon Charles - Original Text:. Swinburne's Collected Poetical Works , 2 vols. London: William Heinemann, : II, Notes 65] This is the first chorus in the drama. It celebrates the goddess of chastity; hunting, and the moon, i. See the complete verse drama. Back to Line. Shelley calls her "the mother of months" in his Prometheus Unbound , IV. However, Philomela managed to tell her story in needlework.

In revenge the sisters slew Itylus, Tereus's son by Procne, and served him up for Tereus to eat. This was at a place called Daulis see "Itylus," line The angry gods turned the protagonists into birds, Philomela into a nightingale and Procne into a swallow. Wine shall we shed for her, wreaths shall we bring to her, Life shall we give her, and fire shall we bring?

For her feet are fair in the wet sweet ways, From the sea-bank to the sea-bays; And the risen stars and the fallen cling to her Back to Line. Bacchus: god of wine. Publication Start Year:. Publication Notes:. Moxon, RPO poem Editors:. RPO Edition:. Your comments and questions are welcomed. Tell us about a web accessibility problem.


Atalanta in Calydon

Come with bows bent and with emptying of quivers. What do ye singing? Queen, but what is it that hath burnt thine heart? For thy speech flickers like a brown-out flame. Yet one doth well being patient of the gods. Yea, lest they smite us with some four-foot plague.



This remarkable work might pass for the production of an old Greek poet, transfused into the metrical forms of our English language. A work more thoroughly embued with classical feeling was never written in modern times. The thoughts as well as the expression have an antique massiveness and simplicity, testifying to the power of the poet, and his ability to identify himself with the heroic age of mythic history, where the plot and scene of his drama are laid. The lyrical choruses reveal a mastery over language, such as few young poets have possessed. Great things may be expected of Mr. See the article in its original context from November 13, , Page 5 Buy Reprints. View on timesmachine.

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Atalanta in Calydon

William Michael Rossetti — art critic and literary editor. Percy Bysshe Shelley — poet. Prometheus Unbound. A poetic drama by Swinburne, published It tells the story of the hunting of the wild boar sent by Artemis to ravage Calydon in revenge for its neglect of her: Meleager slays the boar, presents the spoils to the virgin athlete and huntress Atalanta, and then himself dies through the intervention of his mother Althaea. The work was highly praised for its successful imitation of Greek models.

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