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Recent Discussions Advanced Search. Discussion The Bertholy Method. What to search discussions comments questions answers polls groups. Just wondering if anyone one else follows The Bertholy Method? Posted: Oct 16 PM. Comments The Bertholy Method is going to be my winter training. Bertholy was using "freezers," mirror training and slow motion exercises 50 years ago. It has been a pleasure trading messages with Doug Ferreri, an active GolfWRX member and former Bertholy assistant, who compiled and published Bertholy's works.

Semper what is the name of his book? Posted: Oct 17 AM. Seven cardinal positions?? Bertholy believed and I think Doug would agree students need to focus on the process of the early stages. Bertholy used to say "A little overdone is better than under done. I think this is similar to martial arts training That is the exact problem and I'm living proof. What happened to me? I started the program in the winter of early Did Program One for a couple of months and then Program Two for about a month.

When the snow melted, I couldn't stand it anymore. The feeling was weirdly addictive. I remember I could feel my hands drop, then Ball go far. Figured I had nailed it and found the secret. And promptly lost it because I stopped working at it. Only the lazy ones fail Monte said my sequence could be improved.

I found Doug's book and started reading it over. I've been doing the seven cardinal positions off and on in my spare time the past month.

I'll do Program One and Two over this winter, and go from there. Mine is a similar story. That got me back on track, and immediately I went back and worked through Programs 1 and 2.

Chapter 11 deals with the mental side of the game, and has been a huge help to my game. I also really like the PSM Jig, and will do it on the course in between shots. Posted: Oct 17 PM.

It will come to me eventually. Doug said it was posted years ago on the single axis golf forum. It was said have to come from a Canadian TV special on Moe. Posted: Oct 18 AM.

I remember the original article in Golf mag, probably in the 70's. I have a list somewhere of all the articles Paul wrote for golf magazines. Some for Golf World back in the '60's. I don't have any of those, but I've got back issues of all the articles he wrote for Golf Magazine. There were quite a few.

Did you ever get Paul's or Doug's book? Posted: Oct 18 PM. Sorry no, but thought it was solid. And the right hand is a claw and left is a rod of course. Posted: Oct 21 AM. Leave a Comment Rich Text Editor.


The Bertholy Method

I have been working on program 1 for three weeks now. Program 1 is simply holding 7 key positions for 10 seconds each. This is done at home not on the driving range. The first day I played golf following three days of drills, I swung at the ball but it was not my regular swing. It felt like somebody was controlling my swing. My ball flite and trajectory was completely different.


Total Golf Fitness – The Bertholy Method

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Bertholy Method


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