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I just find the stories of corporate backstabbings, people losing friendships over business decisions, and people stealing businesses from their true owners to be incredibly interesting and cool to learn about.

Instead of watching Bill Gates. Reading Accidental Billionaires is like reading a goddamn fanfiction. The Social Network the movie was much, much, much better and more interesting. The book is kind of weak. The movie is undoubtably the best of the year and this book is just hard to swallow. It truly shows how much of an absolute genius he is. He even remembered the kid with the mop of curly hair who had been standing in a corner of the room, barely ten feet away from where he was now, watching his progress, trying to get up the nerve to follow his lead and approach one of the older Phoenix kids before it was too late.

But the kid had never moved from the corner; in fact, his self-defeating awkwardness had been so palpable, it had acted like a force field, carving out an area of the room around him, a sort of reverse magnetism, pushing anyone nearby away. Eduardo had felt a tinge of sympathy at the time - because he had recognized that kid with the curly hair - and because there was no way in hell a kid like that was ever going to get into the Phoenix.

A kid like that had no business punching any of the Final Clubs - God only knew what he had been doing there at the prepunch party in the first place. Harvard had plenty of little niches for kids like that; computer labs, chess guilds, dozens of underground organizations and hobbies catering to every imaginable twist of social impairment. But then, as now, Eduardo had been to busy chasing his dream to spend much time thinking about the awkward kid in the corner.

Certainly, he had no way of knowing, then or now, that the kid with the curly hair was one day going to take the entire concept of a social network and turn it on its head. Above quote is from Malcolm Gladwell, who is by far one of my favourite authors.

He uses the most powerful and persuasive technique for writing and speaking : story telling. What it means is that in human endeavours or activities that involve mental or intellectual effort or application of a high-level…. View On WordPress. External image. But when she and her siblings learned they were part of the mega-rich Sinclair dynasty, they became billionaires overnight.

Log in Sign up. Accidental Billionaires The Summer Set. Accidental Billionaires the summer set legendary b sides legendary b sides. Facebook Bilionarios por acaso accidental billionaires.

So I'm in the middle of reading Accidental Billionaires, the book that the screenplay for the Social Network was based off of. But what does he mean by above quote? What it means is that in human endeavours or activities that involve mental or intellectual effort or application of a high-level… View On WordPress.

Banerge and E. Release Day: Ensnared. Accidental Billionaires JS Scott. The most upsetting part of reading The Accidental Billionaires was the lack of a girl named Amy who had a snake in her room. Accidental Billionaires The Social Network I'm just kidding it is very interesting and Eduardo is even more of boyfriend. Eduardo grinned; now he and Mark shared more than a Web site, they also shared an experience.

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ISBN 13: 9788598078946

A historia de como dois estudantes desenturmados de Harvard, que tentavam aumentar suas chances com o sexo oposto, criaram o site de relacionamento que se tornou uma das mais poderosas empresas do mundo. O livro narra o fim da inocencia no ritmo da criacao controversa da rede social que revolucionou a maneira como milhoes de pessoas se relacionam. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Intrinseca, Sao Paulo, Condition: Very Good. Text in Portugese.


Bilionários por Acaso (Em Portuguese do Brasil)



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