The Bastard Operator From Hell BOFH is a fictional rogue computer operator who takes out his anger on users and others who pester him with their computer problems, uses his expertise against his enemies and manipulates his employer. By extension, the term is also used to refer to any system administrator who displays the qualities of the original. The early accounts of the BOFH took place in a university; later the scenes were set in an office workplace. As Bob Howard is a self-chosen pseudonym, and Bob is a network manager when not working as a computational demonologist, the name is all too appropriate.

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Ah yes, the BOFH — that legendary, near-mythical creature whose origins date back at least 25 years — and an acronym that still triggers a mischievous smile among sysadmins. I want it unbearably cold, and noisy. I want items scattered dangerously around the floor. I want random floor tiles to be missing. I want a very old sandwich of undetermined origin sitting half-eaten in the corner. A Silicon Valley sysadmin once told me that one of his job requirements really was intimidation.

Others were applying their skills to a related project — the Bastard Operator from Hell excuse generator. Book 1 Listen here:. Once finished, we uploaded it to the phone server and created the queue to repeat eternally. We assigned it extension number Once in the queue, any button you press once in this queue restarts the recording.

Our new department policy is: when sales people call they are to be transferred straight to hell. But in a fitting twist, it turns out that someone else had already done something similar.

This is awesome! And the link triggered more fond reminiscences. The Hamsterdance Song was the hold music for this Queue and we used to run a report just to see how long people would last before they gave up.

Book 1 by Simon Travaglia. The cause of the problem is: Interference from lunar radiation. The cause of the problem is: High nuclear activity in your area. Do you also want to be notified of the following? Send me everything :-D. By continuing, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Sponsored Feed. GitLab Patch Release: Pride in Our Progress by Muriel Gordon. Why Do Programming Paradigms Matter? How to install PX-Backup. Adding and removing data in Astra tables.

Building a successful open source community: How coordination and facilitation helps projects scale and mature. Digital Transformation with Kubernetes, Containers, and Microservices. Reciprocal Value.

Announcing Aspen Mesh 1. Introducing the Edge Metal Private Beta.


Bastard Operator From Hell

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