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She had gotten her hands on a super-early preview copy still spiral bound and had stayed up all night reading it. She was so excited about this book, that I begged her to give it to me so I could take a peek too. Well, I finally got my very own hard-back copy in the mail last week. Now I can finally tell you all about this short, easy and entertaining book that will get you thinking more profitably about your business. Personally, I like these kinds of books. I have an interactive learning style and reading a book that gets me involved in the characters really helps me to integrate the lessons in the book.

But those frameworks are just there to teach me the much bigger and more profitable lesson that a systematized, turnkey business is not only more valuable in the marketplace, but more fun, easier to manage and less stressful than the alternative.

The primary purpose of any business is to make money. John Warrillow is an entrepreneur. Running a business without a turnkey process and system is like taking a pound dog for a walk. In the story our hero, Alex Stapleton, owns an advertising and design firm. Ted has bought and sold several companies and he holds the key to Alex getting everything he wants out of the business. I could go on and on because there are many wonderful, practical, easily implementable tips in this book.

It might seem counter-intuitive to you to actually focus on a tighter service offering when the economy is on a downward spiral. But the message of focus, specialization and systems that Warrillow preaches is spot on. Implement just a few basic principles and you will see immediate improvement in your profitability and your sanity as well.

Driving the services around a specialization and being more selective about jobs are excellent takeaways. I am seeing the specialization theme play out by business owners, but having a narrative to explain the benefit sounds like a wise effort by Warrillow. You have piqued my interest to check this book out. Thanks for reviewing!

Pierre — I would recommend this book for small business owners at every level. Even if you think you have a turnkey process or system in your business like I did you will find valuable lessons and areas for improvement. And the cool thing is that improvement means more profit, more money and more enjoyment in your life. There is an art in gleaning just the right information and insight from a book and then writing to tell others about it in a way that is clear and succinct.

You nailed it. The E Myth was on my mind too as I read through the book. I think when some businesses use the term client, it is equivalent to wearing a suit that is five sizes too big, it just seems awkward. A juicy opportunity will come along and the owner will think about that seminar tape for a second, and then just dive head in as if he never attended the seminar in the first place.

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Based off the best-selling book, Built To Sell , join John Warrillow as he speaks with business owners about their trials, tribulations and successes on exiting their company — or improving their company value to one day get there. Take the minute survey and get your Value Builder Score. About this Episode When we discover a vaccine or reliable treatment regime for COVID, there will inevitably be an unscrupulous gang of counterfeiters trying Michael Spinosa and Scott Greenwell started a digital marketing agency called Unleashed Technologies at the start of the financial crisis.


Built to Sell Summary and Review

An overly simplistic parable book. Nevertheless has some insights, especially for people new to the mechanics of selling a company. Also good ideas about getting the owner out of the day to day. Like many modern business books, the business lessons that John Warrillow teaches are embedded into a parable which makes for quick reading. The story is about a harried entrepreneur, Alex Stapleton

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