Builders Express - Save It. Paint It. Reuse It. Hyundai specialises in affordable, great vehicles across the Hyundai brand as well as pre-owned and new vehicles. Grand i10 Review The Grand i10 is an entry level vehicle with stature that offers first time buyer pricing plus high-end safety and accessory features to price conscious South African car buyers. Add to this the fact that the Grand i10 is also mm longer at the back end which means more boot space when compared to the original Hyundai i10 and you can see why this amazing car is able to pique the interest of size-conscious South African car buyers.

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Get into comfort The i10m is ready for you. Comfortably supportive seats, instruments you can really read, controls that feel precise and solid, and good-looking, high quality materials. That is the lasting beauty of Hyundai. Form or function? Take the best of both.

The i10 is stylish. The lines are clean, sculptural and modern. But it is also practical. The arched roof eases getting in and out. The smooth rake of the hood and windshield looks good, but also improves aerodynamics. On the GLS the full-length body protection mouldings are in the same attractive colors as the bodywork, as are the impact absorbent bumpers. In fact, seen from any angle the i10 has personality, but it also has real functionality. For example, for increased visibility and safety, the indicator side repeaters are housed in the side mirrors.

The stance is broad and reassuring, emphasized by the pronounced sporty wheel arches. The generous glass area is immediately stylish and gives great all-round vision and a light airy interior.

The dynamic trapezoid grille with its deeply moulded, eye-catching, Hyundai logo highlights the stylish family resemblance, as do the black-bezel front and high- efficiency rear light clusters. The chrome detailed fog lights are stylishly and protectively recessed. Red, Blue and Black Smart colors, clever choices. Life should be comfortable, convenient and full of colour. In the i10 it is all three. The height adjustable drivers seat and tilting steering wheel mean you sit and drive in comfort.

For colder seasons, the front seats can be heated and heated foldable mirrors offer you a clear rear and side view.

For hotter weather you can chose air conditioning and a sunroof. The centre floor console has convenient storage space and cup holders, with a 12v power outlet for your personal electronics. Your own choice of music is easily arranged through a USB and iPod input.

There are door pockets, grab handles with coat hooks, under seat storage and a useful glovebox. As for colour there are two new vibrant interior trims in red and blue to match or contrast to the ten outstanding exterior colours. The black dash looks elegant and feels good, as does the black, contrast stitched, base trim of the seats and the doors.

Information centre. A full range of warning and alert lights, together with easy to read dials, lit by eye-friendly blue LED lighting, keep you informed. The blue light also extends to the trip computer, shift indicator,. Smart steering. Intuitive fingertip control of audio and Bluetooth is via steering wheel remote controls for extra comfort, convenience and safety. A satisfying feeling, The fingertip-controlled i Luxury has many aspects.

With the i10 it means that you can relax, and enjoy maximum driving satisfaction with minimum effort and distraction. Choose precision manual or relaxing automatic transmission. When you add steering wheel controlled audio and voice controlled Bluetooth interface, comfort, convenience and driving safety all come together.

Life can be surprising, The i10 copes with it. People going places need space. The i10 provides it with enough flexibility for two, three, four or five people and their luggage. So if life should surprise you with unexpected loads or luggage, and you need more space, it is ready and waiting. You choose how you travel and who with, and the i10 provides space for the luggage, shopping, sports equipment or whatever. What could be easier, more convenient or more useful?

Loading made easy. The low loading height makes it easy to load luggage, shopping or whatever you need into the luggage compartment of the i Naturally there is a removable parcel shelf, a hook for your shopping bag and full lining to protect both your luggage and the interior.

Fit, frugal and fun, Life on the road with the i Save money on fuel, but enjoy the performance. Help preserve the environment, but have fun. Even with ultra low emissions and a miniscule thirst for fuel, the i10 still has the ability to impress where it counts most — on the road.

Driving the i10 The facts behind the fun. By now you know that the i10 makes life and loading easier and fits your personal style. But how does it pack so much driving pleasure while helping to protect the environment? Part of the answer lies in the dynamically efficient engine range. There are three to choose from, the revolutionary 3-cylinder 1. These engines not only deliver exceptional fuel economy, they give really low emissions.

For example the 1. But for eco-friendliness, the jewel in the range is the 1. Transmission Precise 5-speed manual or convenient, efficient 4-speed automatic transmissions fit the i10 exactly to your driving style. Both are available on the 1.

The ISG puts an end to this by simply switching the engine off while you are standing with the car in neutral. When the clutch is depressed it automatically starts the engine again, ready to go. The electric power steering feels direct and reassuring. MacPherson coil over strut front, and torsion bar rear suspension enables the i10 to deal smoothly and securely with all kinds of traffic or road conditions.

Motor driven for extra precision and economy, the power. Active and passive safety The best of both worlds. The i10 delivers safety that you, and all who ride with you, can depend on. The active safety of the responsive road-hugging handling, ESP and 4-channel anti-lock ABS brakes is complemented by passive safety that includes pre-tensioned front seatbelts, with front, side, and curtain airbags.

Also the additional, and very real, benefit of active front headrests is available. These cleverly move up and forward under impact to guard against neck and shoulder injuries. In addition, even parking has been made safer. The reverse parking warning system features sensors mounted in the rear bumper.

These sound an audible warning when they register an obstruction that you might not have seen. All this is based upon a rigid and tough body structure, and an infrastructure that intelligently absorbs and diffuses impact to protect the whole passenger area.

The result is peace of mind, whatever the conditions. Stopping power Unlike many small cars, the Hyundai i10 features 13inch front disc and rear disc brakes when ESP is fitted. ESP The Electronic Stability Program automatically senses if the car devi- ates from the direction in which it is steered and strategically applies cor- rective braking power to whichever wheel, or combination of wheels, needed to bring it back on line.

Meaning that in slippery situations, you stay firmly in control. Rigid Safety Structure. The basis of every modern Hyundai is the rigid safety structure. Created using com-. It is light, because we use the fin-. It is the basis not only for the safety of the.

MORE i Black bezel headlights. The newly designed black bezel headlight clusters not only look good, they improve both your night vision and your on-road visibility, adding elegant extra safety. Sun Roof. Sunshine, good times and fresh air, the glass, tilting sunroof fits perfectly to good weather driving enjoyment.

Rear combination lamps. Stylish, integrated rear light clusters ensure that you can be clearly seen. Rear reflector.

Elegantly integrated into the rear bumper, the rear reflector alerts other night time road users to where you are parked. Double DIN optional audio system comes with full wrap-around sound from six speakers, steering wheel control and MP3 capability. Exterior mirror Indicator repeaters. Extra style with extra safety. These repeaters make your intention to turn clear, even if other road users cannot see the front or rear lights.

Reverse parking warning sensor. Sensors mounted in the rear fender audibly warn against obstructions you might otherwise not see, letting you park more easily and precisely and helping protect against damage.


Hyundai Motor Company: EU. LHD 1011 ENG

All Rights Reserved. Life is for living. The i10 simply makes it more enjoyable. When it comes to your next car every choice can seem difficult. There is always a but. You want quality, but not sky-high prices. You want performance, but you need economy and low emissions.



Embed Size px x x x x When it comes to your next car every choice can seem difficult. There is always a but. You want quality, but. You want performance, but you need economy and low emissions. You want comfort,. So maybe youll just have to compromise.


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