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For this kind of switchgear, the nominal voltage must not exceed V in alternating current and V in direct current. Based on their installation and location, the electrical panels can be fixed, movable and transportable, open, indoor or outdoor, while depending on their function they can be control, distribution, generation, transformation and regulation. Electrical equipment of machines. To the realization of the finished framework only one subject assumes all responsibility for compliance with the regulations in force, ie the manufacturer, whose name must also be reported on a plate attached to the electrical panel itself. The IEC standard for electrical panels defines the electrical panel as a complex element composed of mechanical components with the function of protection and support of all the equipment contained within them, electrical equipment, which includes the command, maneuver and control instruments, and segregations, that is internal subdivisions through insulating barriers. Over the years, the electrical panel has abandoned the function of simple container assuming also that of a system composed of different devices with the aim of making the system functional and safe.

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Further combinations are possible on request. SIZES: subject to the type of set up. IVA Tel. Select the search Product code Product name Product description. Product categories. Electrical wall panels Distribution panels Transformer panels Distribution and transformer panels Movable and portable electrical panels Distribution panels Transformer panels Stage equipment solutions Electrical panels for building sites ACS Function of power-input Function of distribution Function of wall-attached distribution Function of portable distribution Columnar distribution panels Columns for docks Columns for movable use.

Features Flightcase in naval plywood 10mm, trimmed in aluminium with corners protected by angle bars, panels to support the components in PVC thickness 10mm. Swivelling rubberized wheels, reclining recessed lateral handles. Opening of the flightcase with two covers, closure through eight lowered clasps. Covers in unbreakable transparent polycarbonate with spring closure for modular switches.

Sockets protected by thermomagnetic-differential circuit breakers. Instrumentation and emergency switch on request. Protection degree IP Solutions Shypyards Machine tools Entertainment industry A few examples for you. Sockets CEE P General thermomagnetic 4P A.


Construction and maintenance of electrical panels




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