In addition to re-registration on the sale of a vehicle, you are also required to obtain a new carte grise when you change address, or on marriage, death, or divorce to have it in your correct name, joint or single name. We have also published an article in our Newsletter which describes the contents of the carte grise , which you can read at The Carte Grise Explained. In order to accomplish the formalities for the sale and purchase the documentation required is as follows:. Transfer Certificate - This form is the transfer document, confirming that the former owner transfers the vehicle to the new owner.

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We are now happily ensconced, but I am unsure how to proceed with the Certificat de Cession D'un Vehicule. I presume this is like the log book, in Britain, and is for change of ownership?

There is one part I keep and one for the Prefecture, It says here. Do I fill both of the forms in now, or do I need to do this at the Prefecture? What other documents will I need to produce? There will be a cost attached, any idea how much. Anyone know where the local prefecture is for L'Isle en Dodon in 31? Any help appreciated. I've been through this same process. You will need a Certificat de Cession from the previous owner to you.

If you bought it from a dealer, it does NOT suffice to provide certificat from previous owner to dealer. You will need a Certificat from dealer to you. You will also need receipt of sale and proof of your address.

The website calculates the fees based on the vehicle type and your department. Not quite sure I understand your post The original carte grise should have been crossed through and signed by the vendor and given to you too or normally in France what they do is complete and tear off the bit at the bottom and give to you as proof of new ownership and then the vendor sends both to the prefecture. What documents did the vendor give to you? It's clear that the previous owner didn't send in the certifcat de cession and friends of mine who I helped through the process were given their vehicle, they didn't buy it, with signed cerficat de cession in January last year and applied for their new carte grise in December But despite the fact that their CT was still valid, they had to have another one done because at the date of registering a new owner and applying for a new carte grise there has to be a minimum of 6 months validity.

Are you sure this euros wasn't because of the puissance of their vehicle? My experience at prefecture in 31 was to get a dragon lady who glanced at the documents, leant back in her chair and stared at me and declared in front of everyone in the room that my car didn't exist.

She didn't even ask the computer for its opinion. She was quite determined to make my visit worthless. I think that with all the wretched to-ing and fro-ing because of having to chase up an additional certificat from the English dealer and dealing with the prefecture, it took weeks, and there was no fine. Doing it through the online folks for a small fee might be the way to avoid unsavoury bureaucrats who want to take a bite out of expats.

I submitted the same docs to cartegriseminute as to the prefecture and had no problem with my French-registered car "not existing". At the date of registering a new owner and applying for a new carte grise there has to be a minimum of 18 months validity. Thanks blue! Not at all. I asked for advice, and thanks to all who offered it. I have gone with the online option, a bit more expensive but avoiding the dragon lady and supplementary questions nightmare.

Once again thanks for all the help. But the point being you can't do anything about registering the vehicle without the signed certificat de cession from the previous owner and the signed old carte grise - do you have these???

Thanks Lots, but I bought the car from a dealer, not from the owner, so in effect the dealership was the owner, and yes I do have the grey Card. Just to check though, did the dealer fill out a Certificat de Cession? His receipt is not enough. Yes, all signed. Thanks folks. If the UK dealer was not the registered owner, i. I'm guessing that he wasn't and that the car was just sold to him by someone returning to UK from France and he's sold it on to you.

You cannot sign it alone, you need the signature of the last registered French owner. If so this gives you a couple of immediate and rather serious problems.

Firstly the number plates the car currently bears may no longer be valid. Assuming the previous French owner completed and submitted a certificate de cession to their prefecture when they sold the car, and they would have been mad not to as without that they would remain liable for any traffic offences committed by a subsequent owner, then that will have technically cancelled the registration.

Normally a new owner would have registered it in the allotted time and either got new style plates, if it was still on the old ones, or the registration would have been renewed on the same number. Since neither of those has happened then the car is unregistered and it's plates are invalid. Secondly, because of the above, any insurance you have will probably be worthless. Naturally either of the above mean that you cannot legally drive the car in France or anywhere. On the insurance question, if it is UK insurance than it's almost certainly invalid anyway because you are no longer UK residents.

Buying a French registered car in UK might on the surface seem a great idea to help you hit the ground running but if you don't understand what you are doing then it can turn into a complete disaster! ErnieY wrote: "If the UK dealer was not the registered owner, i.

The Certificat from the previous registered owner was not acceptable and I had to produce one from the UK dealer even though the carte-grise was not in the dealer's name.

You don't have to be a UK resident to get UK insurance, but the car cannot leave the country for more than 3 months usually. Again, experience of driving with UK insurance for 3 years as a non-UK or even European resident on short term tourist visas.

I think there has been a recent thread on here indicating that registration state is immaterial to insurability. When I brought my in the UK to France, I got a cover note from a French insurer to cover my journey despite me being a resident of neither country.

How would this scenario be overcome? A cheap LHD car in the uk, french plated but with no paperwork apart feom a ct sticker that is still in date. I doubt it's a case of declaring it lost and applying for a copy of the carte grise and getting the seller to sign a declaration de cession.

Assuming it's not just stolen of course!. Full details here Recent Discussions. Hi, can anyone help please? Umbrella Company in France for IT contractors and freelancers.

If you are concerned about setting up as self-employed in France, there is an easy alternative. Lots Not quite sure I understand your post Regarding the documents: tear off bit from the carte grise or original crossed through and signed, dated with time and signed by the vendor if they haven't sent it directly completed cession d'un vehicule completed and signed by the vendor, again if they haven't sent justification of residence EDF, SAUR, phone bill copy of identity passport proof of current CT payment according to date and puissance of vehicle which you can easily find out on the net You can do this at your Mairie or the Prefecture, whichever you prefer.

Lots mary, actually it's a month, as Giles from AI admin has already pointed out. Just thought you should know it is 18 months validity. Lots Thanks blue! Mikel, you're very quiet about this??? Lots But the point being you can't do anything about registering the vehicle without the signed certificat de cession from the previous owner and the signed old carte grise - do you have these???

His receipt is not enough Like. ErnieY If the UK dealer was not the registered owner, i. Oxford Knight So. Health Insurance. Your Name. Your Email. Your Message. The details you provide on this page will not be used to send any unsolicited e-mail, and will not be sold to a third party. Privacy Policy. Send Message. Remember me.

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