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Pressure relief valve 8. Chassis 9. Connecting tails x 5 1. CH Flow isolating valve 2. HW Flow isolating valve 3. Gas service tap 5. CH Return isolating valve 1 3 0 4 bar 8 1 Steel chassis complete with expansion vessel Sealed chamber Expansion vessel not visible Overheat thermostat Electrical box Two position selector switch Heating flow temperature adjustment CH pressure gauge Green indicator - Power ON Orange indicator - Burner ON Reset button 2 2 3 9 5 Multigas burner comprising: Manifold Ionization electrode Gas section comprising: Security valve grey Right hydraulic assy Left hydraulic assy Pump Air separator Heating thermistor 7 Combustion chamber made of aluminium coated steel with 4 ceramic fibre panels to insure heat insulation Copper main exchanger Three way valve Connecting bracket Heating flowstat Flue hood Adjustable by-pass Air Pressure switch Fan K.

Hot Water 10 1 Turn selector switch 15 to position 46 cator 40 The green "power on" indi- 20 will light. The green "power on" will light. The heating will be interrupted momentarily while tank is reheated. The boiler will switch back automatically to heating when the tank is at temperature. Note: If the boiler has been turned off for some time the first attempt to light it may result in a lockout.

If this happens press the reset button 23 and the boiler will light. Domestic Hot Water Mode To be able to supply hot water, the selector switch 15 must be in either on or position. This will be confirmed 20 by the green indicator light When the aquastat of the tank is on, it activates the DHW flow switch 44 and allow the 3 way valve 42 to move to the HW position. The pump can now circulate primary water heated by the main heat exchanger through the tank heat exchanger.

The first stage solenoid 31 blue and security solenoid 30 grey open together to allow gas to the burner. The ignition sequence begins and a continuous high speed spark ignites the gas. As soon as a flame is detected the orange indicator bulb 21 will light and the second stage solenoid 32 black opens to allow the full gas rate. If a flame is not detected, after 8 seconds, the security solenoid closes and shuts off the gas. The red lockout indicator bulb 22 will light.

The water flow temperature is controlled by the central heating control thermistor When the tank is at temperature, the burner is extinguished and the pump stops. The boiler will now stay in the hot water mode for three minutes. Priority will be given to a demand for hot water tank reheating.

This will interrupt the central heating for the duration of hot water tank reheating. Central Heating Mode To be able to supply heating, the selector position.

As soon as a flame is detected the orange indicator bulb 21 will light. After 45 seconds the second stage solenoid 32 black opens to allow the full gas rate. The central heating flow temperature is controlled by the central heating control thermistor The boiler has been designed to minimise cycling and will not attempt to relight for at least 3 minutes after the boiler thermostat has been satisfied. When the room thermostat is satisfied the burner will switch off and the pump will remain running for a further 3 minutes before it too stops.

Lock out procedure Flame disappearance : When the ionisation electrode 28 does not detect flame presence. The orange indicator lamp 21 extinguishes. A lighting cycle starts. The lock out red indicator 22 lights, the pump 35 runs and the 3 way valve 42 stays in its position. After a few seconds, it will become possible to reset the boiler by pressing the reset button The ignitor is energised for 8 seconds and the red lockout indicator 22 ligths.

If the burner cannot relight the boiler will go to lockout. Neutral 2. Phase 3. Room thermostat live 4. Accelerator resistor 5. Common for Accelerator and room thermostat. A piston with a magnet at the top operates a REED switch.

The piston is lifted by flow rates listed below : Flow rate threshold : D. To gain access to them, pivot down electrical box, remove the rear cover and the rear panel of electrical box, unplug connectors from regulation PCB and pull it toward you. The frequency of servicing will depend upon the particular installation condition and usage, but in general, once a year should be adequate.

Ensure that the appliance is cool. The service schedule should include the following operations: for detail please see section on Parts Removal and Replacement - Check the pressure in the system by checking the reading on the pressure guage No. Preliminary Checks - Remove outer case - Check the system pressure is at least 0. Isolate boiler from the system and drain before removing any component in the waterways. Outer Case Remove four screws in base of case 5.

Ignition Electrodes Carry out steps 1 and 2 as above. Hinge down electrical box by pressing retaining tabs P on either side. Pressure Switch Remove outer case and sealed chamber front panel as in steps 1 and 2. Disconnect three pressure switch cables noting their positions. When replacing, carefully locate on lugs T on top edge of chassis. Disconnect leads from spark generator.

Loosen screws securing the closure plate and remove. Remove grommet from base of sealed chamber. Remove screw securing electrode bracket and lift clear easing spade connectors through the grommet. Reassemble in reverse order, twisted together electrodes cable at least 10 times to avoid electrical interference. Burner Assembly Carry out steps 1,2, disconnect electrodes as mentionned in section 4 and 5.

Remove two screws securing burner assembly to the back panel of the boiler. Lift right hand back corner first. Reassemble in reverse order. Gas Solenoids Disconnect colour coded leads. Remove six screws.


Boiler Manuals

Manual zz. If it is necessary to contact an engineer, then telephone your local Chaffoteaux Service Centre. Advice on installation or servicing can also be obtained by contacting the Chaffoteaux Customer Services Department. The guarantee will be invalidated if the factory fitted temperature and pressure relief valve is tampered with or removed. The Manufacturer or Distributors cannot be held responsible for any damage howsoever caused and which is a consequence of the removal or tampering. The guarantee may also be invalidated if the appliance is not installed by a competent person in accordance with the recommendations made herein, current standards, regulations or in a manner not approved by the manufacturer, modified in any way, subjected to frost, misuse or neglect, and that factory fitted parts have had unauthorised repairs or replacements carried out.


Chaffoteaux & Maury System plus FF Manuals

At Direct Heating Spares we offer a wide range of Chaffotteaux boiler parts, This page contains links to all of the free Chaffotteaux boiler manuals we have on our system. We have included both the installation and service manuals as well as the user manuals for each appliance and we have taken great care to ensure each one is correctly listed, however if you notice any errors or need a manual that isnt listed please feel free to contact us and a member of our team will be more than happy to help. Not looking for a Chaffotteaux manual? View all our boiler manuals from other manufacturers. Can't find the manual you are looking for?



Pressure relief valve 8. Chassis 9. Connecting tails x 5 1. CH Flow isolating valve 2. HW Flow isolating valve 3. Gas service tap 5.


Chaffoteaux and Maury boiler manuals-pdf download


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