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Electric Machinery and Transformers. Bhag S. Guru , Huseyin R. This text discusses the principles behind building the primary infrastructure for the generation of electricity such as hydroelectric dams, turbines, etc. In addition to power generation, the book covers the basics of various types of electric motors, from large electric train motors, to those in hair dryers and smaller devices. The largest markets for a book such as this will be found in countries with developing infrastructures.

The text is best known for its accuracy, pedagogy, and clear writing style. This revision should make Electric Machinery and Transformers the most up-to-date text on the market. Electric Machinery and Transformers continues its strong pedagogical tradition with a wealth of examples, new exercises, review questions, and effective chapter summaries.

Electric Machinery and Transformers begins with a review of the basics of circuit theory and electromagnetics.

Chapters 9 and 10 round out the motors coverage with an introduction to polyphase induction motors and single-phase motors. Finally, Chapter 11 deals with dynamics of electrics machines and Chapter 12 covers special purpoe machines. This revised second edition features updated examples for modern applications, new problems, and additional material on power electronics.

An instructor's manual will accompany the main text and will be available free to adopters. Review of Basic Laws of Electromagnetism. Hiziroglu is at Kettering University, MI.

Electric Machinery and Transformers Bhag S. Review of Electric Circuit Theory. Electric Machinery and Transformers Oxford series in electrical and computer engineering.


Electric Machinery and Transformers

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Electric Machinery and Transformers. Bhag S. For this revision of their bestselling junior- and senior-level text, Guru and Hiziroglu have incorporated eleven years of cutting-edge developments in the field since Electric Machinery and Transformers was first published. Completely re-written, the new Second Edition also incorporatessuggestions from students and instructors who have used the First Edition, making it the best text available for junior- and senior-level courses in electric machines. The new edition features a wealth of new and improved problems and examples, designed to complement the authors' overall goal ofencouraging intuitive reasoning rather than rote memorization of material. Chapter 3, which presents the conversion of energy, now includes: analysis of magnetically coupled coils, induced emf in a coil rotating in a uniform magnetic field, induced emf in a coil rotating in a time-varying magneticfield, and the concept of the revolving field.

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