Apparatus, Method, and Gel System for Analytical and Preparative Electrophoresis The present invention relates to an electrophoresis apparatus comprising a gel chamber for receiving electrophoresis medium, a removable gel system, which is arranged in the gel chamber, having a separation gel for the electrophoretic separation of biological molecules such as nucleic acids or proteins, electric contact elements for generating an electric field through the separation gel, optionally a lid for fastening on the gel chamber, characterized in that the separation gel is delimited at least at one side by a spacer element which is in the form of a collector and comprises a plurality of sample collection containers, which are arranged one next to the other, for fractionating and for collecting the electrophoretically separated molecules. The invention further relates to a method for the electrophoretic separation and collection of biological molecules by way of a two-dimensional gel electrophoresis. Share on. CrowdSell Your Patent.

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Preparative block electrophoresis using Sephadex G-25

Materials and methods. Proteins from human platelet lysates were separated by preparative electrophoresis under reducing conditions. Protein purity was established after electroelution from a gel slice. The same binding was showed to occur when rotavirus was incubated with isolated small intestinal villi from suckling mice. This interaction was also demonstrated in vivo after incubating the virus with isolated small intestinal villi from suckling mice.


Revista de la Facultad de Medicina

Gases are condensing when they are cooled and at high pressure. In this experiment butane is condensed by cooling it to ca. Principle The separation power of a rectification fractionating column can be determined using an appropriate binary mixture whose equilibrium composition is measured in the distillation flask and in the domed glass head of the distillation apparatus. The number of theoretical trays can

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