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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Service Manual. Owner's Manual. Table of Contents. Fostex field memory recorder model fr-2 owner's manual pages. Fostex mr-8 digital multitracker owner's manual pages. Fostex digital multitracker recorder owner's manual vr pages. Page 3: Table Of Contents Introduction Page 4: Introduction You can set up a synchronization system with a sequencer or a rhythm machine without wasting a track.

Do not use an AC outlet of any other voltage. Page 8 Names and Functions 5. The following options are available. Page 9: Control Panel Recorder Section The space indication uses MB Megabyte. The values are based on mono track recording. Page 11 Pressing this button causes the recorder section to play back. Pressing only this button during the recording operation will punch-out cancel recording.

Names and Functions Edit key [EDIT] Pressing this key causes the FD-8 to enter menu selection mode for editing tracks, and displays the title of the menu you used last time. Press this key repeatedly or turn the JOG dial to select a menu. Page 14 Use this key to store the start point of audio data to be copied or moved. When you press this key, the FD-8 displays data currently stored, and you can edit the data. Input jacks [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8] Connector: phone Connect sound sources, such as musical instruments and microphones, here.

Connect a microphone to input jacks 7 and 8, which are equipped with TRIM switches that allow you to switch according to the connected microphone output level. Page 16 You can also use these jacks as auxiliary inputs. The right channel will also receive the same signal.

Page Display Section This section describes display functions along with examples. Display when the power is turned on When you turn on the power to the FD-8 and the connected external SCSI drive a formatted removable disk or hard disk , the display shows the [Initial See the following note.

Page Warning Messages 1. Turn on the power to the SCSI drive. Page Before Starting the current position. ABS indicates an absolute time on the disk. Setting up a Program requires a small amount of disk space. In other words, disk space is used not only for storing recorded data but also for storing all setup data.

Real tracks are used to record sound sources in real-time. Additional tracks are used to temporarily store the sound recorded in the Real tracks. Page Input Monitoring And Playback Monitoring Input monitoring means to monitor via track output the recording signal sent to the Real tracks of the recorder.

That is, you are monitoring a post-recorder signal, not a pre-recorder signal. The FD-8 enters input monitoring status when you perform one of the following operations. The following diagram is designed to help you visualize the signal flow of the FD It illustrates how input signals are routed through the mixer and sent to the recorder section. However, you can record data on the FD-8 at any point within 24 hours of ABS time, and you can intentionally create silence between two audio files.

In this case, a silent part is counted as a 0 file. Page Formatting A Disk [Format? This section explains how to format a SCSI-type removable or fixed disk. Page 30 You need to use the [Format? The same procedure also applies to a fixed disk. You do not have to format it from scratch.

However, if you wish to re-format the 2. Page Handling Programs Follow the steps below to create a new Program in addition to the Program created on the disk during the format operation. Turn on the power 1. Insert a formatted disk into the SCSI drive. The pitch data will be reset to 0. Connecting a sound source and a effect unit 1. In this example, we re-record part of the guitar phrase that was already recorded on track 3.

Connecting the instrument 1. In this way, the FD-8 can locate a point that precedes the Auto Punch In point by the specified preroll value. This enables you to start playback slightly before the Punch In point.

Otherwise, it flashes. Page 43 1. Press the foot switch while holding down the STOP button. PUNCH display area. Follow the steps below. This method also does not allow you to record another take unless you stop the FD-8 first. Procedure: 1. Page Starting Recording Recording to a Metronome Sound 5, 13 2, 8 Monitoring the guitar sound and adjusting the recording level 1. Track 2 enters input monitoring mode. Play the guitar.

Adjust the recording level of the guitar sound using the channel 7 input fader. Page 51 Start recording on the master recorder. Before recording, initialize the FD Note: This type of recording is possible on removable disks such as an EZ disk, zip disk , fixed disk, or optional 2. Page 53 7. Play the connected digital device.

You do not have to adjust the input level from the digital device on the FD The following edit functions enable you to edit tracks. Press the EDIT key on the control panel to access the edit menu. The FD-8 enters standby mode for the paste operation. The FD-8 exits edit mode and displays the previous Time Base indication.

Page Erase There are two methods for erasing data. Understand the difference between these methods before you use the Erase function.

Do not select another Program until you finish the erase operation. Page Track Exchange The Track Exchange function enables you to swap mono track data or multiple track data of the current Program between Real tracks and Additional tracks in units of single or multiple tracks.

You can swap mono track data between Real tracks, Additional tracks, or between a Real track and an Additional track. Flashing 2.

Press the PLAY button to play the audio data. Press the F FWD button during playback. To adjust the monitor sound, use the corresponding channel MON mix section. Turning the JOG dial counter-clockwise will change the reviewing speed. The FD-8 displays the selected cue or review speed, which you can select from normal, two-times, four-times, eight- times, times, times, and times speed.

Press the PLAY button to play back data. Page Editing And Storing Locate Data Editing and storing locate data If you know the position of the desired locate point, follow the steps below. Therefore, if playback continues over the recording end point, the FD-8 will still continue counting the time. However, the FD-8 does not access the disk after reaching the recording end point. The recorder will repeat the operation automatically so you can concentrate on your rehearsal. Cancel Auto Repeat mode before you record a take.

The FD-8 will play this range repeatedly for rehearsal, which makes it easy for you to check the recording level and practice your performance.


Fostex FD-8 User Manual

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