Jay Y. Gillenwater born July 27, in Kingsport is professor emeritus at the University of Virginia. He is the author of Adult and Pediatric Urology. Gillenwater obtained his B. In Gillenwater joined the Army during the experimental phase of the U.

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Gillenwater Editor , Stuart S. Howards Editor , John T. Grayhack Editor , Michael, Md. Nadler, Wade Bushman, and Arthur W. Wyker, Jr. Rowling Chapter 3D Ultrasound J.

Patrick Spirnak and Martin I. Bayne Selby, Jr. Croft, Judith M. Joyce, Jayashree Parekh, and Charles D. Gillenwater and Jeffrey P. Milam and Joseph A. Smith, Jr. Walther, Fredrick Leach, David K. Ornstein, Norman Zambrano, and W. Streem and Glenn M. Preminger Chapter 10 Perioperative Care W. McAninch and Richard A. Corriere, Jr. Chapter 13 The Adrenals Andrew C. Novick and Stuart S. Howards Chapter 14 The Kidney W. Myers, Jr. Chapter 16 Renal Tumors Chad W. Ritenour, Robert O. Northway, and Fray F.

Montie, and J. Stuart Wolf, Jr. McDougall, Indiber S. Gill, and Ralph V. McDougall, Ralph V. Clayman, and R. Lippert Chapter 21 Hydronephrosis Jay Y. Flechner and Andrew C. Darracott Vaughan, Jr.

Zderic, Samuel Chacko, Michael E. DiSanto, and Alan J. Steers, David M. Barrett, and Alan J. McVary and Fray F. Skinner, John P. Grayhack, Kevin T. McVary, and James M.

Kozlowski and John T. Grayhack Chapter 34 Prostatitis J. Kim, Larry I. Lipshultz, and Stuart S. Webster and Suzie N. Applewhite, M. Craig Hall, David L. McGuire, Queena Chou, J. Corman and John N. Rowland and James R. Benson and Michel A. Greer and B.

Dale Wilson. Marc Cendron and Jack S. Koff and Khaled H. Cooper and Howard M. Grady and Michael E. Bellinger and Francis X. Canning and Harry P. Snow and Patrick C. Mitchell and J. Grady, and Michael E. Baskin, and Michael E. Kogan, Faruk Hadziselimovic, Stuart S.

Howards, Dale Huff, and Howard M. Skoog and Hal C. Strand and David A. Jay Y. Gillenwater, MD Hovey S. John T. Stuart S. Michael E. Louis, Missouri J. Louis Childrens Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri John M. Cleveland, Ohio R. Louis, Missouri Stuart M. Ritchey, MD C. Bard, Inc. Sant, MD C. Richard A. Steers, MD Jay Y. The text, as in previous editions, has been written to serve as a practical reference for residents and practicing urologists.

We have attempted to make the text readable and user-friendly and to provide a comprehensive description of the subject, rather than an encyclopedic dissertation. The authors have tried to assimilate all the important information about each subject and to evaluate it in order to reach the best conclusion or consensus.

Practicing urologists and residents alike have commented favorably on the content and presentation of the material in the previous editions. We believe the new edition continues to present excellent coverage of the topics in a clear and concise manner. The fourth edition consists of three volumes. The first two volumes cover adult urology.

Most chapters have been completely rewritten. The coverage on prostatic diseases has been expanded; completely new chapters on anatomy, diagnostic imaging, surgical management of calculus disease, bladder cancer, diseases of the retroperitoneum, alternative therapies, office urology, AIDS, and spinal cord injury have been included.

The third volume, under the very capable leadership of Michael Mitchell, covers pediatric urology. We have arranged the pediatric volume by pathophysiology and treatment modality to facilitate easy clinical referencing. The sections on hypospadias, exstrophy, laparoscopic surgery, and reconstruction techniques have been radically changed to include current techniques in state-of-the-art technologies.

With this new edition, we are pleased to present a companion CD-ROM that contains all of the text, figures, and tables found within the three volumes. In addition, we have used the power of electronic publishing to provide material that cannot be presented in print by including video clips of surgical procedures.


Gillenwater - Adult and Pediatric Urology 4th Ed



Jay Y. Gillenwater


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