HikaShop is a relatively new shopping cart for Joomla. It's becoming a strong competitor to Virtuemart, and we're starting to get more and more questions about it from students. HikaShop comes in both a free version and two levels of commercial versions. Since HikaShop is fully integrated with Joomla, you can get started very quickly.

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The online shopping cart that we use to help you sell your products is called Hikashop Business Edition. Hikashop adds yet another powerful extension to your website. It has a user-friendly dashboard allowing you to manage your products. You can view your sales, take credit card payments, generate coupon codes and discounts and there are many more powerful marketing tools built-in to your dashboard.

It will even allow you customers to log-in, update their address and view their purchases. Continue Reading. A product variant is a product with related characteristics. For example, a medium-sized, green shirt with a stock-keeping unit SKU of is one product variant of the Shirt product; together size, color, and SKU form one variant.

In Hikashop, just like in Joomla, products are displayed via the menu setting. This tutorial will walk you through the process of creating a menu that will display products in a particular category. Introduction to Hikashop. Creating Products In Hikashop, products are created within an assigned category.

This means that if you have many products on sale, you can break them up into their own categories, making the process of updating and managing your online shop a lot easier to handle.


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JA Jason template supports Hikashop by default with customized style. Here is the steps to install Hikashop component into your Joomla system. In JA Jason template, we support free version - Starter so that everyone can use the component. The Quickstart package include Hikashop starter version with sample data that help you build a site exactly the same with our demo site.


First, you should have a Joomla! HikaSerial Subscription could be installed like a classical Joomla! So at any time, in HikaShop or HikaSerial, you would have access to both component features. The workflow of a subscription system is based on plans and subscription.

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