Sep 05, Minutes Buy. Among those waiting to greet him is Dr. Yet, suffering from hysteria, Miss Acton cannot remember the terrifying incident or her attacker. Asked to consult on the case, Dr.

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Sep 05, Minutes Buy. Among those waiting to greet him is Dr. Yet, suffering from hysteria, Miss Acton cannot remember the terrifying incident or her attacker. Asked to consult on the case, Dr. The Interpretation of Murder is an intricately plotted, elegantly wrought entertainment filled with delicious surprises, subtle sleights of hand, and fascinating ideas.

Currently the Robert R. As a Princeton undergraduate, he wrote his senior thesis on Freud. Available from:. Audio 2 —. Audiobook Download.

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Manhattan Transference

Freud's arrival coincides with the sadistic murder of a beautiful young woman in an upscale hotel. A similar attack on another woman results in the victim's hysterical paralysis. The efforts of Dr. Freud plays a background role, but the father of psychoanalysis does get to expound his ideas, demonstrate his diagnostic acumen and don an apparent martyr's robe.


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The Interpretation of Murder , published in , is the first novel by the American law professor Jed Rubenfeld. The book is written in the first person perspective of Dr. Stratham Younger, supposedly an American psychoanalyst. Other events where he is not present he is informed upon so that he has enough knowledge to write and comment on them. The following night, another beautiful heiress, Nora Acton, is discovered tied to a chandelier in her parents' home, viciously wounded and unable to speak or to recall her ordeal. Soon Freud and his American disciple, Stratham Younger, are enlisted to help Miss Acton recover her memory, and to piece together the killer's identity.


The Interpretation of Murder

The result is both smutty and pretentious. Unhappy men are all alike. They are to tour New York before Freud delivers a lecture series at Clark University that promises to revolutionize modern thought. Meeting the boat are the real-life psychiatrist Abraham Brill and an invented character, the ambitious young psychoanalyst Stratham Younger. In his preface, Rubenfeld says the book was inspired by the seemingly unreasonable hatred of the United States that Freud developed on his only visit. Younger believes he can solve the case by helping Nora remember who attacked her.

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