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Originally Posted by NajdorfDefense. Originally Posted by Peeig. I am done, but not sure how much I have actually absorbed, and I am pretty sure that unless I get out and do some field work, most of it is just an interesting read. Originally Posted by twoblack9s. Field work? Care to elaborate a little more?

Referring to finding the right casinos that have a set of rules in place where you can actually pull this off? How does one actually get this book or actually the new edition CAA: whatever. I've emailed their site and left forum messages, and never get any response.

There should be a reference copy available at the UNLV library as well. I wish there were more pitch games in my part of the country. Originally Posted by Nick Rivers. I noticed they're offering free shipping. That, and actually figuring out how to do what is discussed in the book, not everything is spelled out, so it takes some exploring.

Originally Posted by GBV. In fact almost nothing is spelled out. The book just doesn't tell you how to find all these games where the dealer shows you the hole-card or next-card. It tells you what to do when you find a game. For example, say you have a loader at 3CP who exposes one or more hole-cards. The strategy is bet a "better hand than the dealer".

A nine-year old could probably figure that out. The book just isn't that useful. If you want to learn how to find loaders you have to go back to much earlier blackjack texts like Uston's, or Malmuth. Outdated as the info in those texts is, it does exactly give you ideas what to look for. This doesn't make any sense. You're complaining a calculus book doesn't teach you algebra or trig. I have all and have read all the Uston books. This work builds on and FAR surpasses them. Complaining about it is like complaining that Ben Graham's books don't teach you which stock to buy for max profits this week.

It teaches you how to think, how not to get taken, how to build better surrender traps, whatever you need. I guarantee At least BC v does. I guess I should clarify that. Finding a dealer that flashes a corner is trivial.

Go to any new or lower-rent casino. Or just find a rookie dealer. Parx just had a dealer that was flashing down cards in bj21 for a week or more, consistently. I am frankly amazed that there are people out there who needed to be told that if a dealer flashes a card at you then you should use that information.

Hole-carding is at least seventy years old-are you seriously trying to make out that is cutting edge? And despite the title, at its heart this is a blackjack book providing more valuable information for counters than is generally found in books specifically written for counting cards. Most of the information in this book was developed to attack a game rather than for the sake of analysis I give back the same retort, I used auto-play and got those bonii while counting cards at the tables AND scouting.

By autoplay, do you mean MicroGaming Viper? That opportunity didn't last long, only months as I recall, so your window of opportunity would be relatively small. Perhaps you had your own bot operation running, in which case great. There are what me might call "advanced plays" online as well even hole-carding and those require scouting for also.

Because of the zero travelling time, lack of expenses, absence of game protection scrutiny, speed of play, and the vastly greater number of accessible casinos and other gambling operations, it didn't even occur to me to spend much time offline. I just don't see how your math stacks up here. I'm sure you're way better and sharper than Grosjean.

The Big Six thing isn't random. Grosjean was trying to flog that on Rec. It is very close to his heart Any one who read Thorp's Mathematics Of Gambling , which discusses Big Six in detail, would have the concept down already. It is intellectually interesting, but it is not remotely scalable as an advantage play and can be very costly with certain types of erratic dealers. And the craps bet is not remotely 'temporary' as I understand the term. I've been doing it for years and years in several states and countries.

It is sustainable by any definition. I meant temporary in the sense of it being time-specific. You can't get rich with it because it is a one-night one-shot deal.

Its fun, but that is it. Or what remaining cards in a baccara shoe will guarantee a lock win. Or The concept of card-counting at baccarat using end-play was developed by Abdul Jalib M'hall a former poster here, amongst other places , who gave the information away for free.

The lock subsets were discovered by other authors decades ago. Grosjean adds nothing to it, indeed is quite irrationally negative, and doesn't really understand how to do it. Hint: Where is the data on backcounting? He is very aggressive about it. About half a dozen baccarat games online and off, have beaten to death for serious money recently.

Hitting baccarat rebates using a gorilla BP with a combination of counting and rebate optimized strategy is one of the strongest play in terms of absolute return there is. Some teams made seven figures with that play.

If you read Grosjean you'd think that was impossible. As you would think counting casino war was impossible, or sharing info at CS, or dozens of other opportunities I've made money with. His actual content totally contradicts the "hug-a-bunny free-your-mind" attitude he pushes.

There's a basic failure there to understand how special situations can alter the viability of a given AP approach which might be uninteresting when viewed under generic laboratory conditions.

His defenders always make out he's this great pioneer, the truth is he's just another card counting guy with his head in the sand who discovered HC'ing. You seem quite bright. You don't need Grosjean or me for that matter to tell you how to find your own plays and exploit them. Originally Posted by WRX. You need to travel much greater distances. That's already a way bigger hint than you deserve.

I say it only to illustrate that you know much less than you think you do. Hole carding is not crappy. I won 40 grand the last 3 months on around 36K EV mind you, it's not just a good run working around 10 days a month scouting 2 shifts a day though.

Free rooms, spent hundreds at a club and didn't pay a dime for it, a bunch of free gourmet dinners, etc. The 2 casinos I hit the last 3 months are very difficult for me to play in now though. It's not that easy though. I have a little over a year's experience and am working with a k bankroll.

A rookie may very well play a -EV game due to poor game selection and mistakes. The question of whether finding a flashing dealer is easy or not is immaterial to the utility of the book. If you can find blackjack loaders in every casino, you still don't need the book. You have a huge edge just making obvious plays. It is like learning an extra index number for card counting purposes. In any case Grosjean himself stated he spent three times as much scouting as he did playing.

He's also a midget, so would find opportunities more easily than most. My impression of Grosjean disciples is that they seem to think of themselves as higher beings, when in fact they mostly went around chasing marginal 3CP opportunities, which, when adjusted for scouting time, variance and speed is scarcely any more profitable than card-counting or solid poker.

I talk about the millions of dollars online casinos and sportsbooks were virtually giving away throughout the last decade and they stare blankly. I recommend you breakdown the costs of downtime due to travelling, downtime to scouting, the difficulty of following a given exploitable [Big 6] dealer around without it looking weird, the possibility that the dealer tightens up suddenly or is moved to another game, and the limits relative to other games.

Your hourly rate is not competitive with other plays. You are looking at theoretical edge under laboratory conditions and ignoring these other considerations. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way.


James Grosjean: Beyond Counting

Originally Posted by NajdorfDefense. Originally Posted by Peeig. I am done, but not sure how much I have actually absorbed, and I am pretty sure that unless I get out and do some field work, most of it is just an interesting read. Originally Posted by twoblack9s. Field work? Care to elaborate a little more? Referring to finding the right casinos that have a set of rules in place where you can actually pull this off?


Beyond Counting : Exploiting Casino Games from Blackjack to Video Poker

The book, now available in an updated version called Exhibit CAA: Beyond Counting , is no longer available from the publisher in its original edition, but the text is considered a classic on the subject of turning casino games into profitable entertainment without breaking the law. When his first advice book went on sale in , it was one of the most popular books on the subject, applying mathematics he learned as a grad student at the University of Chicago studying Economics to various casino games. Since the advicev in the book is all about combining a logical approach to games of chance and skill, the topics covered in the book are totally legal. If the name James Grosjean is familiar to you, it may be because he made headlines in for winning legal verdicts against casinos and their investigative agencies. You might also know the author as the youngest member of the Blackjack Hall of Fame, inducted alongside big names like Stanford Wong and Edward O.

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