Ordering number : ENA. Monolithic Linear IC. Single Chip. Y-DL and chrominance trap. The products mentioned herein shall not be.

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Model No. Service Ref. Product Code: Power Source. Colour System. T elevision System. Original Version. Channel Coverage.

VHF: E2-E Chassis Series: AC5-G1. Aerial Input Impedance. V ideo IF. Sound Output RMS. W eight. Specifications subject to change without notice. It is shown on the rating plate at the cabinet back of the unit. This T. Refer to the specification table. SM Safety Notice. IC Block Diagrams. Service Information. Service Mode Adjustments.

Service Adjustments. Special Function. Purity and Convergence Adjustment. Chassis Electrical Parts List. Before returning any television to the. To avoid such hazards, the high voltage must be maintained within specified limit.

Refer to this service manual, high voltage adjustment for specific high voltage limit. If high voltage exceeds specified limits, take necessary corrective action. Product safety should be considered when a component replacement is made in any area of a receiver.

Components indicated by mark in the parts list and the schematic diagram designate components in which safety can be of special significance. It is particularly recommended that only parts designated on the parts list in this manual be used for component replacement designated by mark. No deviations from resistance.

Chassis Block Diagrams. Audio Output. PIF Input1. PIF Input 2. IF Ground. IF Vcc. FM Filter. AFT Output. Bus Data. Bus Clock. Red Input. Green Input.

Blue Input. Fast Blanking Input. RGB Vcc. Red Output. Green Output. Blue Output. Ver tical Output. Ramp ALC Filter. Horizontal AFC Filter. Horizontal Output. SIF Input. SIF Output. Audio Input. APC Filter. VCO Coil 1. VCO Coil 2. VCO Filter. Video Output. Black Level Detector. Selected Video Output. Chroma APC1 Filter. Clamp Filter. Chroma APC2 Filter.

Cr Input. Cb Input. CCD Filter. CCD Vcc. Clock 4MHz Outupt. Flyback Pulse Input. RF Out. IF Drive. IF In. GND Ch. GND Input. This TV set has a built-in power supply protection circuit. It is provided to protect the TV set in case of a power supply circuit malfunctions. When something abnormality occurs during TV reception, the TV set goes to the stand-by mode.

When an abnormality occurs during TV reception, it causes pin 27 of the CPU to go continually Low for about one second. The CPU detects that this has occurred and outputs the signal from pin 31 to switch off the power supply lines. Releasing the protective circuit and restoring power supply.

This will work only if the power supply trouble was temporary. If there is permanent trouble such as a damaged circuit, power cannot be restored and the circuit will have to be repaired. When the Memory IC IC is replaced, some of the service adjustments should be readjusted to obtain the best performance. The necessary service adjustments are carried out by using the RC handset.

Please set up the TV set with following steps [1] to [2]. Put a new memory IC. T urn on the TV set. The following picture appears on the screen. Press and hold for more than 2 seconds.

This completes the initialization of memory IC. Following shows the initialized contents of memory data by this procedure. Readjust the following service adjustments.


LA76818 IC. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

Television set design, improved manufacturability, and lower total costs. Audio 1kHz 1. Signal contents and signal levels 4. A beat signal appears. B-Y only R-Y only 0. Measure the input level at that moment C-1 Increase the chroma fsc frequency from 21


LA76818 Datasheet



Service Manual St-21mf1 St21mf1 Chassis Ac5-g1 La76818a Lc863448w 24lc16b La78040 An7522n 2sk3264



LA76818A Datasheet


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