Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? The Class A documents are the received writings of Aleister Crowley, originally published in his legendary periodical "The Equinox" over the course of its existence. Considered the sacred texts of Thelema, they are of great interest to occultists of all stripes and even people who are merely interested in modern period channeled texts or automatic writing.

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Tyler Noriega flag Denunciar. To secure freedom from interruption in the course of these operations. This may include preservation of the health VI. Spiritual attainment: e. Further insight into Nature and her laws IX. The foundation of an Abbey of O.

The establishment of the Kingdom of Ra-Hoor-Khuit upon the earth. Also divers matters, as the Rejuvenation of one's own body, if desired, the power of healing, and the like. It will be seen that these few operations appear to fill every Lotus of the Universe with their Buddhas.

But it may be that each operation must be worked in detail, with digital probe rather than palmary grasp, so that each practical act of the Initiate might need a separate consecration. Or for great operations like the X in the above list it might be arranged to make a specially elaborate Sacrament every Sunday for example in the year, the intervening days being devoted to the details of the Building.

But the Initiate will soon develop a Method of his own for extracting the most efficiently the honey from this Comb. It may not be altogether inappropriate to allude to a method of vampirism commonly practised.

The Vampire selects the victim, stout and vigorous as may be, and, with the magical intention of transferring all that strength to himself, exhausts the quarry by a suitable use of the body, most usually the mouth, without himself entering in any other way into the matter.

And this is thought by some to partake of the nature of Black Magic. The exhaustion should be complete; if the work be skilfully executed, a few minutes should suffice to produce a state resembling, and not far removed from, coma. Experts may push this practice to the point of the death of the victim, thus not merely obtaining the physical strength, but imprisoning and enslaving the soul.

This soul then serves as a familiar spirit. The practice is held to be dangerous. It was used by the late Oscar Wilde, and by Mr.

Mathers and his wife, and by E. The ineptitude of the three latter saved them from the fate of the three former. Let no eye behold him unblasted; let him strike upon the necks of the ungodly. Let him be a mighty light of comfort, and the Father of all fertility. Let him send forth rain in due season, and the earth grow green at his coming. Let his planets whirl upon his wheel; let him send forth his comets as angels unto his brethren; and let him give light to all his realm.

XX Of the Thesaurus of the O. Remember these chief treasures to be preserved: 1. The secret of the lesser degrees: the cycle of existence -- ex nihil nihil fit. In the Name of the Secret Master Hail and fare well. Man is God therefore can create Spirits by ceremonial masturbation on talismans as God first did. Great Adepts Babalon -- Nuit. Isis -- Venus -- Aphrodite -- Astarte. Artemis -- Vesta -- Maria. In all cases death to be entrance into copulation, begetting yourself on them for new incarnation.

Woman adepts use corresponding male gods. The Book of Lies. It were well if during the whole period of the secretion of the Lion, the adept were performing Samyama on the object. May this be the reason of the 'nine days of chastity' etc. King edition. Homosexual; masturbation; with Female per vas nefandum; orally, etc. Alcohol, ether, strychnine may be employed freely, but cocaine should be exhibited with a certain prudence. Frictions of brandy and even slightly diluted eau de cologne may be used for the phallus itself, and a spray of capiscum in ether may be applied to the abdominal muscles.

The lion must determine what kind of serpent he needs as a vehicle of the particular Will demanded by the proposed operation. The properly trained and vitalized serpent is found in the acts of Concentration upon the Object of the Operation preliminary to starting: that is, to impose the image of your particular Will upon the actually existing physical.


The Secret Rituals of the O.T.O

Get Instant Access. The Governors of LOE are:. Crowley saw the Cup of LOE being held by a charioteer, an Angel in golden armor, studded with sapphires and on the crest of his helmet was a crab. Your vision will probably differ in details, but the central subject of this Aethyr is the Cup or Sangreal, and if you travel through LOE you will surely encounter it in some way.


Bornless Renders Liber Cheth

Title : Liber B vel Magi sub figura I. Class : Class A. This is considered a Holy Book of Thelema. This is the necessary prerequisite for the Magus completely identifying with the Word. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Beyond that, I am more helpless than the veriest quack magician.

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