Lanikai is a district, a beach, a Post Office, and a grocery store. It lies on the windward shore of the Island of Oahu. It is a long way from Mars. Its waters are blue and beautiful and calm inside its coral reef, and the trade wind sighing through the fronds of its coconut palms at night might be the murmuring voices of the ghosts of the kings and chieftains who fished in its still waters long before the sea captains brought strange diseases or the missionaries brought mother-hubbards.

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This time we did not worry about the title of the book, and Llana herself does not even appear in my painting. I realized that after doing nine covers I still ahd not shown one of the unique Barsoomian airships so commonly featured throughout the series. To tell the truth, I felt there was little point in doing so, since Robert Abbett had done such a great job visualizing them on the covers he painted for the books in the 's. Nevertheless, this scene involved an airship and also conveyed the feeling of the book very well.

Available from: Amazon IndieBound Powell's. Acrylics - 24" x 32" Llana of Gathol E. Burroughs Del Rey. There he discovers his granddaughter, Llana of Gathol, stranded there after escaping abduction. As slaves controlled by a diabolical machine, Carter must fight to survive and free his friends. In "Escape on Mars", Carter and friends are shot down by a mysterious ship. Carter is rescued by the Panars, but his friends disappear. He tracks Llana to the inescapable city of Pankar.

It will take all his talents to rescue her. John Carter will have yet another princess of Mars on his hands and have to wage war before he can return to his wife back in Helium.

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Llana of Gathol

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Llana of Gathol is a collection of four science fantasy stories by American writer Edgar Rice Burroughs , which were originally published in Amazing Stories in The first collected edition of Llana of Gathol was published in It is the penultimate book in the Barsoom series and the last to be published during Burroughs's lifetime. The stories in Llana of Gathol have a somewhat more humorous tone than earlier entries of the Barsoom series, and this book is considered to be an example of Burroughs engaging in self-parody late in his career. The stories in this collection revolve around John Carter's granddaughter Llana of Gathol, who plays the " damsel in distress " role played by Dejah Thoris and Thuvia in earlier entries of the Barsoom series.


Llana of Gathol is the tenth book in the Martian series, and the last one to be written by Edgar Rice Burroughs. It is composed of several small books novelettes each dealing with different situations and all are part of the larger storyline. Seeking solitude, John Carter flies northwest as far as the deserted city of Horz. Afterwards he is however taken prisoner by other white men, despite the protests of Pan Dan Chee. Carter is to be delivered to Ho Ran Kim, the Jeddak of Horz, who tells him they are Orovar , a race that has been living in this hidden city for centuries. Despite being grateful for his help, they will have to kill John Carter to keep their existance a secret.



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