Pedro Lemebel was a writer, visual artist, and pioneer of the Queer movement in Latin America. With his risky body-fire performances, challenging outfits and sharp poems, he shook up conservative Chilean society during Pinochet's dictatorship in the s. Body, blood, and fire were protagonists in his work that he attempted to perpetuate in the last eight years of his life in a film he was never able to see finished. The Chilean director fulfilled her promise to filmed him in the different transgressive moments of his life: dressing as Frida Kahlo, as Lady Godiva, and as one of "The Mares of the Apocalypse. These inspiring documentaries honour the LGBTQ community that has fought for gender diversity rights. Lemebel and Farah stories are a call to tolerance and inclusion.

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Chilean writer, poet and artist Pedro Lemebel, who looked at his country from a gay, non-conformist point of view, died Friday at age 62 of cancer of the larynx at a Santiago clinic. Chilean writer Pedro Lemebel, who looked at his country from a gay, non-conformist point of view, died Friday of cancer of the larynx at a Santiago clinic, those close to him said.

He was He was awarded the Jose Donoso Prize in "for his assertiveness in showing the complexity of Chilean society," the jury said. The president said at La Moneda palace that several days before she had the chance to bid the writer farewell, and said she was pleased that democracy has progressed toward some of the goals for which Lemebel fought.

Born in in Santiago, Lemebel, who together with Francisco Casas formed the art collective "Mares of the Apocalypse," which during the Augusto Pinochet regime protested against the dictatorship with daring creative events, underwent a laryngectomy in , but his health deteriorated progressively and he was no longer able to speak because of the cancer. However, several days ago he attended in a wheelchair the "Noche Macuca," a tribute to his work that was one of the activities of the "Santiago a Mil" Theater Festival.

Also the author of "La Esquina es Mi Corazon" , "Zanjon de la Aguada" and "Adios Mariquita Linda" , some of which were adapted to the theater, Lemebel won the Guggenheim grant in , was several times candidate for the Altazor Prize and in for the National Literature Award. English edition Life.

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Loco Afan Cronicas Sidario by Pedro Lemebel

Pedro Segundo Mardones Lemebel 21 November — 23 January was an openly gay Chilean essayist, chronicler, and novelist. He was known for his cutting critique of authoritarianism and for his humorous depiction of Chilean popular culture, from a queer perspective. He was nominated for Chile's National Literature Prize in He died of cancer of the larynx on 23 January in Santiago, Chile.


Loco Afan by Lemebel Pedro


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