It consists of 53 chapters. The story is about poor farmers uniting against the greedy desires of the prominent family of the Grandes. In Filipino idioms , "crocodiles" were used to symbolize those people who are corrupt. The " buwaya " crocodile in the title refers to the Grandes family, who were greedy for money.

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Published on Jan 26, Powerpoint presentation about the novel Luha ng Buwaya written by a famous filipino author Amado Hernandez. SlideShare Explore Search You. Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Luha ng buwaya. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this presentation?

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Amado V. Hernandez 4. It is a novel written by the Filipino Amado V. It is about poor farmers to band together against the greediness of the family Grande. It discusses the ongoing harassment of the wealthy families to the poor and how to unite the poor to solve their problems and go against the mistreatment of the wealthy families to them. Hernandez, also known as Amante Hernani, was known for his active participation in the socio- political realm through his literature and his political involvement.

He also has been characterized as an ardent nationalist, one concerned with the plight of the Filipino laborer, a Marxist and anti-imperialist, and a revolutionary poet. What all these descriptions share is their depiction of a person dedicated to the betterment of the human condition.

Farming is the main occupation of the people living near the area. Bandong helps Mang Pablo in farming during vacation because he just let the other villagers to farm his land. The next day, Donya Leona called all of her workers and farmers because their family needs help in preparation of a banquet for her children Ninet and Jun, who both came from Manila to study. One of them was Andres. Two of his men get the head of the lechon and throws it at him.

Earlier that day, he promised his wife that he will bring her lechon that night. Sadly they were seen by Dislaw and was sent to the police but later on was released.

The people in their area helped in the funeral of Sepa. Dislaw did not approve of the union so he tell this to Don Severo. The farmer still all decided to pursue it. Tasyo was chosen as their leader and Ba Inte as their counselor. Donya Leona summoned the chiefs and told them that the land called New Village is theirs and it was a realm given by their father to them. Nobody appealed about the land after the death of Kabesang Resong so the father of Donya Leona made a written document that the land will be given to his children.

Andres was surprised when he was called heir of Ba Inte. He told this to Maestro Bandong who was that time grieving to the death of Maestro Putin. Maestro Bandong said that he will help Andres to clarify all its association with Kabesang Resong as his heir.

There was a complaint addressed to him about him creating a union, interaction with the squatters living on the land and establishing cooperative is not a work of a principal. Henry Danyo replaced him as principal. Dislaw, who also likes Pina, visited her. Dislaw got angry and even threaten Pina when she told him that she does not expect courtship.

Days after, Dislaw and Mang Pablo had an argument about putting fence to the school yard; it was agreed before to prioritize first the purchasing of books to be used by the students.

Pina was left alone in their house. Luckily, Bandong arrived and was surprised to see the messy house and the living room. He heard a guttural cry from the chamber so he hurriedly went there.

To his surprise he saw Dislaw on top of Pina, trying to rape her. Bandong and Dislaw had a fist to fist fight, Bandong was strong enough to punch Dislaw off which causes him to sit on the ground with a bleeding mouth. Bandong let Pina drink water to calm her, when suddenly Dislaw pointed a gun at his head. He dwelled with Dislaw and was able to throw the gun away. Bandong was acquitted of charges against him and was advised to return as principal but he decided to just be a farmer and cultivate the land.

With the help of the lawyer friends of Maestro Bandong, it was gradually cleared about who actually owns the large land in Sampilong. They filed cases. First, so that Andres can recover the land of his grandfather Resong; secondly, for the rights of workers; and third, for the attempted rape of Dislaw with Pina. Kosme received a large amount of payment because of what he has done. Tasyo, Andres and other farmers were imprisoned because Donya Leona accused them of burning the barn.

Sedes took Iska with her to see Bandong and then they went to the police station. The farmers were freed after the confession of Iska. Kosme was arrested in Manila while the Grande confessed that they are the mastermind behind the burning of the barn. The Sampilong residents won the cases they filed, and the land was returned to Andres.

Bandong was conviced by the villagers to lead their village and the villagers agreed that he will serve their candidate for the position of mayor of Sampilong in the incoming election. He also decided to marry Pina.

Also, when the residents of Sampilong won the cases they filed and the land was returned to its real owner, Andres. The narrator can know things that others don't, can make comments about what's happening, and can see inside the minds of other characters.

MOOD Angry He also wants to alleviate the suffering of the poor people from the maltreatment of those who are of high class in the society. It is also present in the story how the farmers created their own union, which clearly is a way to capitalism, to go against the rich owner of the lands they are farming. You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later.

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Luha ng Buwaya

Crocodiles were believed to cry, thus luring their sympathetic and stupid victims to their end. Unfortunately, all things, both bad and good, come to an end. All these make for elements of a good short story, and if one needs more crocodile material, a lot can be found in travel accounts of the Philippines all the way down to the 16th century. Then as now, captured crocodiles are slit open, and their bellies emptied of the remains of its meals. Lolong was said to have eaten a missing Agusan farmer and a year-old girl whose head was found in the area. Domingo Fernandez Navarette was a Dominican missionary and archbishop who was in the Philippines from to and taught in the University of Santo Tomas in Manila. He left us with notes on his travels, including a few that concern crocodiles like this tragic tale from Lake Naujan:.


‘Luha ng buwaya’

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