Save Password. Hey y'all, I am new to the clawhammer banjo and have begun lessons. Does anyone know where I can get a copy without having to take out a loan? Russ, this ones been out of print for years, it's not easy to find It's a cool book if you can find it for cheap.

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Save Password. Hey y'all, I am new to the clawhammer banjo and have begun lessons. Does anyone know where I can get a copy without having to take out a loan? Russ, this ones been out of print for years, it's not easy to find It's a cool book if you can find it for cheap.

RG "I''m too drunk to taste this chicken What style of banjo are you interested in learning. If you want the general perspectivbe that Rosenbaum goes for about 12 different stlyes then I would suggest starting with Pete Seeger's book before going on to "Art" - which is still in print.

Neither of Rosenbaum's books is beginner oriented and I suggest you talk that over with your teacher. He migth have plenty to keep you busy before you go to Rosenbaum, and he might have misquoted the title.

Art's old book is a real gem. I've had a copy for 35 years and like RG I bought another on Ebay just for insurance. But, that said, there are lots of other resources out there that are it's equal in teaching clawhammer style which is what you say you're learning. The old book is rich in stories and anecdotes and has much information about old time banjo styles other than clawhammer. To me, it's worth whatever you have to pay for it for it's overall content and just plain warm, fuzziness, but specifically as a clawhammer primer, it may not be better than other more available stuff.

FWIW, my copy is sitting on the table next to my chair right now. Not to be a burr under the saddle, but if you are taking lessons, why is your teacher recommending that you buy a beginning banjo book?

Is he planning on teaching you out of it? Rosenbaum's book has a lot for the CHer in it, but as mentioned, it does contain tab in a variety of styles. Most of us would recommend sticking to one style in the beginning.

Bondurant Hughes, Both are great books, mine are well-thumbed. Old Time Mountain Banjo is oriented towards beginners and recommended by John Burke in the foreword to his Book of Old-Time Fiddle Tunes for Banjo as something to get when it came out , and is the best book I've seen on 2 and 3-finger styles; I haven't seen any recent books to compare the clawhammer instruction with but he does a good job of it.

Art of the Mountain Banjo is generally more complicated stuff. Anyway, I haven't seen it cheaper recently. I don't understand why "Old Time If that book is out of print is it out of copyright?

How about a nice person scanning a copy and making it free, so the scalpers can no longer charge so much for it. But if it's still copyright that could not be done, but would be nice. Nope, it won't be out of copyright.

If Congress had the public interest in mind, it would strip the copyright from works that remain out of print and unavailable at retail for more than 5 years.

Old Time Mountain Banjo is oriented towards beginners Whatever the quality of Art's book s , don't you folks find it odd that an instructor would recommend such a relatively unavailable book to a student? Especially a beginning student? The book is not out of print, but it is expensive. Kingfisher, the Amazon listing is for five used copies. Re: The Art of the Mountain Banjo Book I have the book and I've even made pdf copies of it for my computer, which is something I like to do with the majority of my music instruction books.

However, when this discussion began, I thought to myself, "You've never really used that book, have you? In addition, I have the album digitized into mp3 files. It was published in to go with the album. The tab is the old-fashioned, hand-written, non-computer generated tab, and many of the tunes are not the more common ones beginners play, although I enjoyed immensely the melody of Mississippi Sawyer, Old Molly Hare and Soldier's Joy. Looks like a good one.

Thanks for all of the feedback. As far as the concern for using that book for a beginner, I have been playing bass electric and standup for nearly 25 years so his thinking is that I have some musical background and lets dive right in. That approach has helped me and we use the book as a guide for getting the basics down. I must say that the banjo is a totally different monster than the bass which at first I was attacking like a bass but have now come to understand the instrument a bit more.

I emailed Art a few weeks ago and he said that he thought it was still in print but would be checking with the publisher to see if it is or not. He said if he had a copy he would have sold it to me but he did not have one. Art was very nice and it was great that he took some time to respond. I searched for it on addall.

In any case, that Amazon UK listing is half the price of any others that I have seen. The one copy is at I'm going to get rid of all my baseball cards and lay in some banjo books That was a great medley- one of my favorites on the record.

I think he did it in gCGBD didn't he? Another great tune from the record was "Cottage in the Grove", and his "Arkansas Traveler" was magnifiecnt. Bondurant Hughes, I believe all is in Double C capoed up two frets. Funny thing about this medley is that I often play Mississippi Sawyer followed by Old Molly Hare, but now I am wondering if many years ago I heard Art Rosenbaum play it that way and it just seemed right to me albeit much more recently.

Is that possible? I suppose anything is Judy - What issue date is your "Art of the Mountain Banjo"? Mine is computer-set tab, but the original "Old Time Moutain Banjo" is in Art's handwritten, and non-standard, tab. My "Art. Brad www. It is indeed in Art's handwritten tab and the copyright date is If teh current edition of "Art" has both his Kicking Mule lps on the cd it is worth buying for that cd alone. Those are two great banjo albums that have been out of print for decades.

It is a guaranteed bargain. Judy - I guess it pays to be a late-comer, sometimes, then. My book is a reissue, and the tab has been reset and some corrections made by Art.

The book itself contains other tunes that are not included on the CD. For what it's worth. I am not sure about what would be the 2nd lp from which the cd was made. The list you show is what I have already digitized myself Good exercise in typing, though My dad was a longtime music industry exec who was a Kicking Mule distributor in the 70's and there were indeed two Art Rosenbaum albums, but their song lists overlapped and they were each reissued at least twice Kicking Mule was an interesting company, owned by Ed Denson a character in his own right , their concept was pretty cool for it's time The melodic clawhammer LP was incredible as was the Paley album , wish those would get re-issued although with the melodic album it's not quite my cup of tea playing-wise THAT was a cool record!!

Anyway, Fantasy Records of Creedence Clearwater fame bought the rights to the Kicking Mule catalog in the late 's and then sold or licensed-can't remember exactly the rights to Mel Bay, and in turn Fantasy was sold in to Norman Lear who owned Concord Jazz records So it is in CCcapo2.

An influential record for sure. I was a big customer of Kicking Mule back in the 70's. Good stuff, all of it, which I still listen to and attempt to play. Daniel -- "That which we obtain too easily, we esteem too lightly. I checked the Centerstream site and the book isn't there. Hey, I'm just jumping in here. I found this book free in the library system, you may want to do the same. I bought "Old-Time Mountain Banjo" way back in about I really wish I had Art's other book and those recordings that everyone has mentioned they must be great!

Have fun! Alan, Art of the Mountain banjo was in print as recently as a few months ago - Mel Bay. And the book has the full 2 lps inside in CD format. It's a complete, can't lose, motherlode, golly-gee, dead cert bargain. I got my copy a couple of years ago. I can't help jumping in as well. I still use all of them. Tim "I never met a banjo I didn''t like. Alan www.


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The lowest-priced item that has been used or worn previously. The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended. This item may be a floor model or store return that has been used. See details for description of any imperfections. This is the only banjo instruction book that I recommend to people. Whether you've been playing all your life or just started, this book is a great resource.


Old Time Mountain Banjo

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