If you found this page, you probably have a problem and you need a user manual for the device Panasonic KX-T Be sure to check that it is the user manual to exactly the device that you are looking for. A user manualPanasonic KX-T is taken from the manufacturer, a Panasonic company - it is an official document, so if you have any doubts as to its contents, please contact the manufacturer of the device Panasonic KX-T directly. You can view the user manualPanasonic KX-T directly online or save and store it on your computer.

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Quick Links. See also: Quick Reference Manual. Please read this manual before connecting the Digital Super Hybrid System and save this manual. Table of Contents. Page 3 Saves Time Many useful features support your operations and eliminate tasks. For example, easy dialling with memory and re-dialling to busy parties. We, Panasonic Communications Co. Page 5: Important Information Do not use this product near water, for example, near a both tub, wash bowl, kitchen sink or laundry tub, in a wet basement or near a swimming pool.

Avoid using a telephone other than a cordless type during an electric storm. There may be a remote risk of electric shock from lightning. Page 6 If there is any trouble, disconnect the unit from the telephone line. Plug the telephone directly into the telephone line. If the telephone operates properly, do not reconnect the unit to the line until the problem has been repaired. If the telephone does not operate properly, chances are that the problem is in the telephone system, and not in the unit.

Page 7: Table Of Contents 2. Page 8 2. Page 9 3. Page 10 Table of Contents User Manual User Manual Each shelf contains its own power supply. Page Connection Example 1. Page 14 one pair Voice Processing System Parallel connections of extension is available. Please refer to "1. There are two types of parallel connections. Read this chapter to become familiar with the many useful features of this system.

Page Before Operating The Telephones 2. Operate the feature depending on the telephone you are using. Page 19 A flexible number is shown as changed the feature number. Write the new number in "5. Page 20 Operation Display In this manual, you will see "the display If your telephone is not a Panasonic Proprietary Telephone with a display, the message will not be displayed. Press the corresponding function button on the Proprietary Telephone. Enter the required number.

These buttons make operations simple. The illustrations may differ from the buttons on your telephone. This button can also be used to adjust the display contrast. If the term is in parentheses like Account in this section, it means a flexible button has been made into an "Account" Page 24 Operation Using a Jog Dial The Jog Dial can be used for the display contrast and the volume control or you can search for desired items on the display.

Rotate the Jog Dial in the either direction as desired. Page Making Calls Operation 2. Enter extension number or press DSS. Thomas's extension number is Page 27 You can then perform other tasks at the same time.

Helpful hints for the hands-free operation Use your telephone in a quiet room for best performance. If the other party has difficulty hearing you, decrease the volume. If you and the other party talk at the same time, parts of your conversation will be lost.

To avoid this, talk alternately. Page 28 Helpful hints for hands-free operation Use your telephone in a quiet room for best performance. Page 29 4. Press CO, if required. Page 33 To a pre-set party by going off-hook Pickup Dialling You can make an extension or outside call simply by going off-hook if you pre-assigned.

Page 34 Operation To store a phone number contd. Tone Dial. Cancel Dial 1 to set or 0 to cancel. Enter quick dial number. Page 37 4. To set a phantom extension ringing or not Digital Proprietary Telephone only 4. The line access number is not counted as a digit. Page 39 To dial Off-hook. When you answer the callback ringing: For an outside call: The line is seized. Tone On-hook. You can talk to the other party through the speaker and the microphone OHCA or you only send a call announcement through the handset Whisper OHCA , while they are having another conversation using the handset.

This prompts the other extension user to call you back. Enter extension number. Some extensions may be restricted from performing this function.

Page Calling Without Restrictions D. Page 48 Operation 4. Tone Enter your extension number. Page 54 Operation To re-try From Outside Telephone To dial a different number during a conversation with an outside party or while hearing the ringback, reorder, or busy tone D. User Manual Talk. Page 56 Operation 4. Intercom Alert Assignment Select the Calling method, either ring or the other party's voice. You will hear the caller talking without the phone ringing. Page 59 Directed Call Pickup.

Please refer to "2. Page During A Conversation Operation 2. Page 65 Flashing red slowly: The call is placed on hold at another extension. Page 67 Holding a call in a system call parking zone Call Park You can hold a call in the system common call parking zone and perform other operations. The parked call can be retrieved from any extension. Up to calls can be parked in the system. Page 68 Operation To set contd.

Tone D. Tone Enter parking zone number Tone Optional Enter parking zone number Then you can talk to either one of two parties alternately while putting the other on hold. Page Transferring A Call 2.

This step can be skipped. Transferring a call to an extension Ringing Transfer You can transfer a call on an SDN button to another extension with a simple operation. The call will be transferred to the extension on which the PDN button associated with the SDN button assigned to your extension is assigned.

Transferring a call to an external party Some extensions may be restricted from performing this function. Page Answering A Call Waiting — Answering a call waiting from the central office Answering a call waiting in the system During a conversation, a call waiting tone or voice announcement through the telephone speaker or the handset occurs when an outside call is received or another extension is letting you know another call is waiting.

For more information, consult your telephone company. Page Three-Party Conversation 2. To talk to the original party while holding the third party Press switchhook. Page 79 Letting a third party join your call Privacy Release You can let a third party join your current outside call. To leave On-hook. Page Five-Party Conversation Operation 2. Page 81 Terminating a five-party conference call conference originator only During a five-party conversation On-hook.

Page Mute 2.


Panasonic KX-T7565 Telephone User Manual

Please read this manual bef ore connecting the Digital Super Hybrid System and sav e this manual. This system can connect P anasonic Digital and. Analogue Proprietar y T elephones. Single line de vices such as a Single Line. T elephone, f acsimile, cordless telephone, V oice. This system can double the e xtension capacity.


Panasonic KX-T7565 User Manual



Panasonic KX-T7565 Manuals



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