Forget Password? At the time of birth of Imam Hussain as, Holy Prophet was foretold about martyrdom of his grandson. Soon after the death of ruler of Damascus, his son Yazid came in power. He demanded the allegiance from Imam Hussain as. He went to Makkah first then he set off his journey for Karbala. The forces of Yazid was sent to Karbala where the stopped Imam Hussain as.

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In addition, the Ziyarat of the 3rd Imam is equivalent to the spiritual visitation of Allah swt and the visitation to His Noble Prophet S. This point shall be elucidated upon in detail in our next discussion, God willing so that we do not think that by a mere journey of a few hours and the recitation of a few words, that we truly become deserving of such bounties!

The benefits of visiting the Leader of the Martyrs as can be divided into two categories: the individual benefits and the societal gains. Although each of these categories contain numerous sub-categories, we will only look at one of each in order to keep this discussion brief. Thus, when a person goes to meet those who are the closest to Allah swt in the spiritual hierarchy and who are the most righteous from the point of view of their actions and demeanour, he would definitely seek to emulate and be like them!

It is for this reason that Tawbah or asking forgiveness is one of the introductory steps before a person even entertains the thought of going for Ziyarat. Therefore, one of the benefits of the Ziyarat is both a physical cleaning of our body and also a spiritual cleansing of our heart!

They have probably studied the philosophy and true meaning of the Ziyarat better than we have and thus, understand that if it is carried out with a complete awareness of the individual whom we are paying our respects to, his or her own struggles against injustice and their motives in rising up for Allah swt , and that if all of these were instilled in the hearts of those visiting them, that a great revolution would take place in their lands!

In this comprehensive visitation, we combine the concepts of Tawalla [Love for the sake of Allah swt ] and Tabarra [Hate for the sake of Allah swt ], the culture of self-sacrifice for the lofty goals of the society and the fact that we must never succumb to oppression and tyranny. The delegation told the other Christians that if Muhammad brings his companions to the Mubahilah field then to go ahead and challenge them as the companions - on their own - have no power or strength.

Thus, if the Christians of Najran knew the power of the Ahlul Bayt, then this is something which the rest of the Muslim Ummah also needs to realize and accept. When visiting the shrine of Imam Husayn as , we must first off realize whom we are going to visit and the etiquette which we must observe. Just as we spend time to look presentable when we have an important business meeting or a luncheon with a client, so to when we go to meet the representative of Allah swt on the Earth, we must also observe these and many other norms and etiquette.

In a long hadith narrated by Muhammad b. Muslim, he asked Imam Muhammad b. The Imam as went on to list over 15 conditions for the visitor of Imam Husayn and concluded his statement by telling b. These are obviously related to that person who is able to physically perform the Ziyarat, however many of them can also be performed by those who are reading this Ziyarat from far away.

In summary, the things which these sorts of ahadith teach us are that we need to mould our lives to conform with the way of life of the person whom we are visiting — spiritually. We need to show humility and humbleness in our day to day life [this can be seen in the fact that when we perform the Ziyarat we are recommended to go barefoot and walk with tranquility], we need to always look presentable when interacting with others [we are recommended to wear clean, white clothes and apply perfume to ourselves], we need to be ready and willing to assist those less fortunate than ourselves [it is recommended to give Sadaqa before the Ziyarat and to offer a gift to others] and we need to show moderation in our lifestyle [we are told that we should not eat heavy and fatty foods before such visits which may only make us feel tired and lazy] In addition to the etiquette of Ziyarat related to our physical presence, we must also remember the spiritual etiquette — the most important one being the rejection of all external despots and enemies and that if we need to be killed to keep our honour and dignity just as Imam Husayn did , then so be it.

After all, Sayyid ash-Shuhada as has told us that:. Skip to main content. The Benefits of the Ziyarat of Imam Husayn The benefits of visiting the Leader of the Martyrs as can be divided into two categories: the individual benefits and the societal gains. The Etiquette of the Ziyarat of Imam Husayn When visiting the shrine of Imam Husayn as , we must first off realize whom we are going to visit and the etiquette which we must observe.


The Torch of Perpetual Guidance, an Exposé on Ziyarat Ashura of al-Imam al-Husayn b. Ali

Praise be to Allah, the One Who guided us to this affair and certainly we would have not been guided, had Allah not guided us. Peace be upon the Apostle of Allah, blessings of Allah be upon him and his progeny. Peace be on you, O the son of the Apostle of Allah. I am your servant, offspring of your slave and the son of your maid, a friend of your friends, an enemy of your enemies.


Imam Husayn Shrine

We acknowledge that the below references for providing the original file containing the 'The Holy Month of Rajab'. Their references is. The files you find here are NOT IN the Public domain, and the copy rights of the files still remain with the above author. This Ziarat is for 1st Rajab, 15th Rajab and 15th Shaabaan. It is related from Imam Sadiq a.

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