As you navigate through our site, we will provide you with the information that is most important to you and help you find what you are looking for faster. Telemecanique, now Schneider Electric, is a market leader and global expert in providing products and services for industrial control and automation. It provides complete solutions with a range of components including programmable logic controllers, variable speed drives and communications software. In addition, it offers power distribution through prefabricated busbar trunking. The Schneider Electric, brand is today developing automation products and systems in detection, man-machine dialogue and process supervision.

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Downloaded from DatasheetLib. Metal hold-down clip All sockets RXZ Approvals for Relays: For mounting track, see page Table For mounting track, see page Table These relays have industry standard wiring and pin arrangements which allows for their use as replacements for many similar relays without wiring or hardware modifications. Factory order items require a minimum order quantity of 25 and have a lead time of 12 weeks. Refer to standard voltage codes listed in Table Internal pilot lights are available in both AC and DC versions for positive indication of power to the coil.

The pilot light is a green LED. To speed circuit testing, a manual operator can be provided. With this feature the relay can be manually switched to simulate normal operation.

Coil VAC—3. For sockets and accessories, see page For track, see page The relay is controlled by an external control switch.

The switch may be any type of contact closure; for example the contacts of a timing relay or the closure of a float switch. All other part numbers require a minimum order quantity of and have a lead-time of 18 weeks. S1 is not used in this mode. S2 will only control LA. The cross wired option allows extra system load capacity through simultaneous operation of both motors when needed LA and LB energize simultaneously when both S1 and S2 are closed—relay contacts are not isolated ALL Input voltage must applied at all times for proper alternation.

Use of a solid state control switch for S1 or S2 may not initiate alternation corredtly. Loss of input voltage resets the unit; LA becomes the lead load for the next operation. The compact size of these relays makes them ideal for downsizing equipment. The short stroke motion of the armature provides long mechanical life required for high speed operation of control systems. Different contact compositions allow these relays to be used in a variety of applications.

Fine silver gold flashed and bifurcated crossbar gold overlay silver are suitable for high contact reliability and low level switching requirements. Silver tin oxide is best suited for inductive loads. Hermetically sealed relays can be used in adverse environments. Refer to standard voltage codes shown in Table Manual Operation Option To speed circuit testing, a manual operator can be provided. The relay can be manually switched to simulate normal operation.

Factory Order items require a minimum order quantity of 25 and have a lead time of 12 weeks. Drop-Out Time 20 ms Maximum 6 ms Max. The NR45 screw terminal sockets have pressure wire clamps that accept 1 or 2 16—22 wires. All other sockets have pressure clamps that will accept 1 or 2 12—22 wires.

The recommended tightening torque for all terminals is lb-in. Units provided in standard quantity of one are individually packaged; devices with B suffix have a standard quantity of 10 per bulk pack. Rated 10 A at volts by CSA. Non-replaceable Operating Temp. Screws BA Table TeSys D relays are usually mounted on 35 mm DIN 3 track, but can also be mounted directly to a panel.

The fixed contacts in these relays have a NEMA A and Q ratings, in addition to the standard IEC ratings, making them suitable for use in most any control circuit. Low consumption versions of this relay are available for use with low level DC signals from a computer or a PLC. Adder decks can be added to a basic five pole relay to make it up to an 11 pole relay. The serrated silver-nickel contacts with wiping action provide excellent reliability in 12 or 24 volt control circuits.

Special auxiliary contacts are available for switching low power down to 5 volts at 10 mA. Timer and mechanical latch attachments are available. For replacement AC coils, see page DC coils are not replaceable. Not for use on CAD devices. Adding an input module is still possible. See page 23 of Catalog CT for details. Approvals: Table Example: J Price Adder 9.

Example: JD3. Maximum reduction of the transient voltage peaks. Slight time delay on drop-out 1. Polarized component. Catalog No. Marker holderg Clips on front of relay LA9D90 0. No tools required for connection. The spike may adversely affect solid state equipment near the relay. The transient suppressor module snaps into a cavity located in the side of the relay. No other voltages are available.

When the coil is energized the first time, one contact closes and will open when the coil is de-energized.

When the coil is energized again, the other contact will close and will open when the coil is de-energized. The contacts from these alternators are to be used in the control circuit of the starters that are controlling pump or compressor motors. Only available with voltages indicated above. Screw clamp 2 0 LA1SK20 Ideal for press control, process control and punch presses.

Refer to Table A Shipping Weight, lb in. Order one more N. DC Utility Relays e Voltage code must be specified to order these products. A Shipping Weight lb. A Shipping Weight, lb. Other voltages with comparable operating characteristics are available. It provides 1 N. Two timing ranges are available, and conversion from On Delay to Off Delay or vice versa is easy. Off Delay 0. The Lockout Cover is designed to protect the time setting against accidental adjustment.

It mounts directly to the timing attachment with two included screws. XJ1 The basic 4-pole relay can be easily converted to an 8-pole or pole relay by installing one or two adder decks. The Class Type XB20 comes with 2 convertible contact cartridges and will accept 2 additional convertible contact cartridges. The Class Type XB40 comes with 4 convertible contact cartridges.

With 2 N. The Logic Reed Adder Deck is supplied with either one or two logic reed cartridges fixed into the center positions of an adder deck. Contact cartridges are neither convertible nor replaceable.

Standard cartridges can be inserted in unused cavities of the Logic Reed Adder Deck. One or two Logic Reed Adder Decks may be added to the basic 4-pole relay. See Contact Rating Data on pages and for electrical ratings. Number of N. Logic Reed Number of N. All are color—coded for visual identification of each Type. Standard Cartridge—The standard cartridge, used for most applications, has a black case. XC1


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