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Visitor Statistic-since May Indonesian Publication Index. Language Select Language English Indonesian. Font Size. Article Tools Print this article. Indexing metadata. How to cite item. Email this article Login required.

Email the author Login required. User Username Password Remember me. Abstract Hermetia illucens , is used as a reducing agent of palm kernel meal PKM , as well as one of alternative protein sources for aquaculture purposes.

Information about biology of H. The objectives of these researches were to study the development of H. The sample of 20 larvae from each 3 replicates were measured and weighed on th day larva and 24th day pupa from egg hatching. Eggs were collected and counted. Nutrient content of immature stage: 5, 10, 15, 20 days old larvae , and 25 days old prepupae reared on PKM were analyzed proximately. Dry matter was determined by weight loss on drying at oC during overnight.

Crude protein was determined by Kjeldahl procedure N x 6. Data were analyzed descriptively by average from triplicate. The development of H. PKM was a suitable medium for development. It was better, however, to fed the adult with honey since it could enhance the fecundity. The young larva certainly contained the best quality of nutrition. To meet the quantity of mass production, however, the use of the elder larva bigger was suggested.

Keywords Hermetia illucens; development; PKM; proximate analysis. Remember me.


Susahnya Melepaskan Diri dari Bahan Baku Pakan Ikan Impor

Visitor Statistic-since May Indonesian Publication Index. Language Select Language English Indonesian. Font Size. Article Tools Print this article.


Tilapia Oreochromis niloticus including the Cichlidae family from Africa. Measuring - grams and omnivorous, it can consume vegetable and animal feed. Palm oil waste has a high enough protein so that it can be used as a source of vegetable protein in fish feed. This study aims to determine the effectiveness of palm oil waste feed on the survival rate, growth and feed conversion of tilapia. The results showed the survival of tilapia in treatments A and B gave the same results


DOI Download full text 5 pages. Arief, Muhammad, et al. The high feed prices caused the cost of feed matters were higher for fish farmers so that needed alternative matter. High prices are caused by fish feed, fish feed ingredients that are imported include fish meal which is the main raw material source of protein to feed the fish so that the necessary alternative feed ingredients for use of fish meal. Media for maggot production used palm kernel meal but the media is hard to find outside of the central plam kernel plantation so as to reduce its use carried out by using a combination of rice bran.

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