John taylor gatto the exhausted school

You might expect that someone once voted New York State Teacher of the Year would be a supporter of the public-school system. If so, you have not encountered John Taylor Gatto. A vocal critic of compulsory schooling, Gatto spent his twenty-six-year teaching career subverting the system in order to better help his students learn.


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A bridgeless pfc boost rectifier with optimized magnetic utilization

Shabana J, In this paper, a Bridgeless buck Rectifier with Single Inductor is presented which considerably increases the efficiency of conventional buck power factor correction converters by reducing the number of simultaneously conducting semiconductor components. Moreover, the low utilization of the magnetic component in the conventional bridgeless buck rectifier is improved by modified bridgeless buck rectifier with single inductor. The performance of the Modified Converter is evaluated on a 1-kHz, 5-W prototype circuit that is designed to produce an Output Voltage of 12 V for battery chargers Applications.