Updated: August 21, References. Trying to learn new words? What better way, than to learn them through a game. Balderdash is your answer. This article will assist you in getting the fine points out to explain this game to you.

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At the heart of it, Balderdash is a trivia game. However, defining it as such would be selling it short. The game not only has you answering questions you may genuinely know, but has you do a fair amount of bluffing.

Throughout the game you will learn some things, have some laughs, and in the end a winner is declared. This is how you play Balderdash. First off, the game requires two or more people to play.

Each game box does come with cards to write on, but you may want to have some scratch paper if said cards are not available. Writing utensils are also necessary for this game. Once you have all of the necessary supplies, then you and your friends will roll the die. The player with the highest number will be the first dasher. The dasher is the player that reads the card. A dasher will pick a card and roll the die to determine which category they will play.

The categories range from laws, movies, weird words, notable people and incredible initials. With the categories chosen, the dasher will ask the other players a question, and they will write down the answer on a piece of paper.

If you happen to know the correct answer, then write it down. However, if you do not, now is the time to bluff. Once all the cards are in, the dasher will read them out loud and it is up to you and your friends to decide what the right answer is. Every time your answer is chosen, you will receive a single point. If you guessed the answer correctly, then you will receive two points. If the answer is very similar to the real answer, then three points are given.

The dasher gets three points if no one guesses correctly. Every time someone gets points, they get to move their game token the corresponding number of moves on the game board. The game is over when someone makes it to the end of the game board. Balderdash is a great game to play with friends. New words and facts will be discovered, and new inside jokes are likely to be born. Before any of this silly fun can be had, you must learn the Balderdash rules.

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Online Balderdash - Rules - Part 1

One player reads out a question to the others. They each write down a made-up, but believable answer and hand it to the person who read the question. This person then reads out the REAL answer and all the made-up answers, in random order. The others must guess which is actually correct. You score moves on the board for each player who is conned into believing that your made-up answer is the real one, as well as for choosing the real and often unbelievable answer. It sounds simpleā€¦ and it is!


Beyond Balderdash Board Game Review and Rules

The original Balderdash was created back in and is generally considered a classic party game. Instead of just guessing definitions of words; players could guess the importance of a date or person, what a set of initials stand for, or even the plot of a movie. Being a fan of the original game I welcomed these additions as they seemed like they would add more variety to Balderdash. Beyond Balderdash is the perfect example of what a board game sequel should be, it takes everything you like about the original game and adds to it to make an even better game.


Absolute Balderdash Game Rules

These are the adapted rules from Absolute Balderdash for play in alt. If you have played Balderdash in person but not this online version, please read the rules over, as there are differences from the in-person game. Absolute Balderdash is not a test of one's knowledge. In fact, players are not expected to know the real answers to any of the questions in the game. The main objective is to make up answers that will bluff other players.

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