This invention is related in general to the field of telecommunications systems. More particularly, the invention is related to a SS7 signaling server and method for routing SS7 links in a telecommunications network. The invention is based on a priority application, EP Wireless or Personal Communication Service PCS providers have been, until recently, able to store and maintain subscriber information and current location data on only one home location register HLR.

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Transported on 2Mbps PCM Link Each frame contain 32 bytes 0 to 31 A sequence of 16 Frames are used called Multi-frame Line signal for a channel is carried on Channel 16 in an associated frame Register Signaling is carried on the user channel itself.

Signaling for all the Speech Channel is done on one Common channel Signaling is done by messages , the messages have identifier for the speech channels Typically one signaling channel can carry signaling information for about speech channel. There can be two types of data links. By them the integrity of the link is monitored. Page Traffic management : To divert traffic from the failed link. Traffic management is only between point to point Route management : From the point of view of SP. Used to divert traffic from a specific SP.

Routing of Multiple data messages to the same destination efficiently using Virtual Circuits Page This connection is identified by Circuit identification Code Page The Transaction Capabilities Application Part TCAP provides a remote operation function of SS7 Provides capability for an application at one node to invoke the execution of an operation at another node and to receive the results from that remote process.

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Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Flag for Inappropriate Content. Download Now. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. As NZS Jump to Page. Search inside document. They trigger MTP2 alignment procedure. Himanshu Kanojia. Noor Khan. Ramanareddy Anathapur. Alberto Suazo Basaez. Smita Agarwal. Ammu Mole. Adamo Ghirardelli. Pralhad Pardeshi. Anonymous hnFUOT9o. Luis Cortez. More From Pranab Kumar. Pranab Kumar. Kranti Kumar. Roshan Roy. Popular in Signalling System No.

Salih Ahi. Gabriel DeMarco. Ece Viii Wireless Communication [06ec81] Solution. Vijay Sai. Joenell Galve. Telecommunications Job Interview Preparation Guide.

Mahdi Hasanzadeh. Veerayya Javvaji. Subhajit Ghosh. Marty McFadden. Nick Odemus. Raymond Krishnil Kumar. Hareesh Devireddy. Abhilash Ramadugu. Vimal Odedra. Nguyen Quynh Giao, 86 Trang.

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