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Upgrade Cancel. Study your flashcards anywhere! How to study your flashcards. Play button. Card Range To Study through. Air Traffic Control. Job requirement. Identify and certify position qualifications and skill level upgrade training requirements. AF IMT Minimize loss of Air Force resourses and protect personnel. Which form will you and your supervisor use to document this training?

Which of them must be removed before entering the area? Which is the BEST way to exit the dock? Use the ladder located at the end of the dock. It is important for you to eliminate this poor and unsafe work practice because. Detect, assess, and controls risk while enhancing performance and maximizing combat capapabilities. What does this warning mean and what should you do? Lightining is occurring within 5-nautical-mile radius; immediately take shelter in a safe place.

What must you do befoer entering? Stop and do a Foreign object damage FOD check. What must you do? Leave the keys in the ignition and the vehickel unlocked; turn off the ignition; place it in park or reverse; and chock one rear wheel, in front and behind. YOu are not in the aircraft's path. What is you BEST course of action?

What should you do? General Warning. Exercise extreme caution. Return to your starting point. Preventing or reducing the amount of waste Air Force personnel create before it becomes a problem. Prevention and control. Recycling, treatment, and disposal. It reduces the need for federal standards and regulation. Incinerate, scrub, or treat solid wastes in accordance with Air Force instructions and local policies.

Which United States security clearance level must your coworker possess for access to this information? He doesn't have the required ""need to know"", but must have access to the room to properly complete his job. What is your BEST course of action? Escort him into and stay with him in the vault at all times until his work is complete. The material is too large to be placed in an approved container. What is the BEST course of action? Download the classified material and store it in an authorized US facility.

An adversary with possesion of a fake military identification card and knowledge of the base. Registered mail. Aerial Port. Geographical or functional. Stage I, Committed Expansion. Channel mission. Julian date on which the mission originated in Zulu or GMT.

Individual units. Tag, interrogator, and data server". Part II. In which publication would you look? DOD Chapter 2.

In which publication series would you look to find the information? Which section number of the 1CB-9 technical order TO contains that information? Section VI. Small scale contingencies. Marshalling area. Retained by the mobility force for inclusion in the station file. Hazardous materials preparer and technical specialist. Low-velocity drop. Look through the sight window.

Which form should you use? Turn it into the passenger terminal's lost and found or Security Forces. Remove dirty racks, clean the oven interior, install clean racks and ensure the oven is operational. How must they be when you pick them up so will they stay clean? The spouts will be covered in plastic. What is that latest time passenger service personnel can call in a firm meal order for that flight?

Verify you have every item listed on the form. Within what timeframe are aircrews required to pick up their own meals? Who will stow those meals in the galley or air traportable galley lavatory ATGL storage areas? The aircrew members and Fleet Service personnel. What must you do with these meals? After USDA inspection and approval, place them in two plastic bags and incinerate or sterilize them at an approved facility. You were wearing all required personal protective equipment PPE.

What actions should you take? Wash immediately and change clothes. Who else needs to sign it before it can be turned into records? The Fleet Service shift supervisor.

A consignee. The receiver.


CDC 2T251 Volume 1

A group of closely related Air Force specialties AFS requiring basically the same knowledge and skills is known as a:. B in which an individual is best qualified to perform duty. C used to identify the position in which an individual is performing duty. D used for enlisted Airman assignments, training requirements, and promotions. B doesn't have a title that accurately reflects his or her day-to-day duties.


CDC 2T251 Volume 2: Hardest Trivia Quiz On U.S Air Force!

Armed Forces, founded in It concerns itself with all aerial matters that the United States comes across in terms of warfare, and even now includes problems related to space. Do you know enough about the U. Air Force to pass the next exam? Determine the information necessary to complete the shipping documentation enlisting the help of the ACA. Pack and prepare the shipment for movement, applying any required markings, labels, or RFID tags.


5 Level.txt

Home Flashcards Preview 5 Level. Air transportation apprentice b. Air transportation journeyman c. Traffic management apprentice d. Traffic management journeyman b. Air transportation journeyman. If you are performing anti-hijack inspections, which function are you performing?


2T251 Cdc Pre-Test Edit Code 03


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