Discover how to escape your inbox without missing urgent messages Update: this has been downloaded over 10, times! In the mean time, I put together a web tool that helps people to spend less time with email. It helps me tune out email distractions so I can check my inbox twice a day, but still get notified of urgent stuff via text message. The original 4-Hour Workweek Dreamline spreadsheet is available at that link. Download the Dreamline Worksheet and Expense Calculator 2.

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How was your 4th of July??? So a book on a 4-hour workweek? Sign a sistah up. But working only 4 hours in a whole week?!? So I picked up the book because I was a. Learning how to dreamline effectively was DEF top of the list so far! And a favorite last month! Enter: Dreamlining. Dreamlining is applying timelines to what most would consider dreams. To dreamline IS to make dreams happen.

Like, actually happen. A Gucci Marmont bag in Black. The bigger you can think outside the box here, the better. The key is to not limit yourself for ANY reason at all — including perceived lack of money, time, intelligence, etc.

So dreamline away, my friends. Or at least I think so — ha! What goals are on your own dreamline? Are you more excited about the Having, Being, or Doing column on your own dreamline? Coming up Roses partners with several affiliate programs, meaning commission can be earned on sales of purchases by those who visit this site and on any Coming up Roses social media platforms.

Happy almost-birthday, 'Murica! Do y'all have any fun plans for the 4th??? Yesterday was a day jampacked with errands for The goals have to be unrealistic to be effective. It focuses on activities that will fill the vacuum created when work is removed. Living like a millionaire requires doing interesting things and not just owning enviable things.

What would you do if there were no way you could fail? If you were 10 times smarter than the rest of the world? Drawing a blank in your dreamline? What would make you most excited to wake up in the morning to another day? This is key! Make sure to do this part of the exercise from your 6-month timeline versus your month timeline. Literally, right now. This very second. The first step should be simple enough to do in 5 minutes or less. No matter how small the task, take the first step now!

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How was your 4th of July??? So a book on a 4-hour workweek? Sign a sistah up. But working only 4 hours in a whole week?!?


The 4-Hour Workweek Tools

Somewhere between college graduation and your second job, a chorus enters your internal dialogue: be realistic and stop pretending. If you pass 25 and announce you want to float in space or sail around the world, the response is different: be realistic, become a lawyer or an accountant or a doctor, have babies, and raise them to repeat the cycle. Those were just interludes in a much larger production. Or forget about traveling.


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