Email to a Friend. The AXTF is a ' outdoor 4 channel select dual beam from Optex for long range applications which consists of 4 channel selectable beam frequencies that work to avoid unnecessary crosstalk which may occur over long distances when in multiple photo beam use. This exceptional dual beam has a durable structure with an IP54 rating to suit the changeable weather conditions, and is able to offer a reduction of accidental false alarms triggered from unimportant objects by use of the optical pitch design. Thank you, we have received your request. A customer support representative will contact you shortly.

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This item is discontinued. Email Print. Optex BC-1 Back Cover. The AXTF is a long range photoelectric detector with selectable beam frequencies. The selectable beam frequencies can be used to avoid unwanted crosstalk that can occur when using multiple photobeams over long distances or beam stacking applications. Also the AXTF employs multiple beam technology and utilizes an AND circuit that requires all beams to be interrupted simultaneously before an alarm is generated.

This reduces false alarms due to accidental beam interruption by falling leaves and small animals. Optex uses parts that meet various requirements of international standards in order to meet strict rules for putting safety markings on products. These standards often require that devices meet or surpass certain ratings specified by IP International Protection Code.

IP codes are often required even for parts or partially assembled products. Lightning surges are a constant source of problems for electronic equipment that is used outdoors. There are two types of lightning surge: 1 direct strike and 2 induced surge. In a direct lightning strike, the amount of energy dissipated is so great that there is currently no means of protecting electrical equipment from damage.

A lightning induced surge may be caused by the movement of charged clouds or a nearby lightning strike. Either of these causes can induce surge voltages in electrical wiring. It is possible to provide some degree of protection against lightning induced surges by installing surge absorbers at appropriate locations.

The AX series can withstand a lightning surge up to 14kV without damage resulting in faulty operation. The A. It gains the sensitivity accordingly to maintain weather conditions. By using the Beam Interruption Time potentiometer, it is possible to increase the time the beam must be broken in order to generate an alarm.

This will reduce the chance of false alarms being caused by falling leaves, blowing debris or animal or bird movement within the protected area. Circuit sends a trouble signal when the beam strength is below an acceptable level due to heavy fog, rain, snow or other changes in the installation site.

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AX-350TF / AX-650TF Documentation



Optex AX-650TF Active Infrared Beam Detector


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