Ceiling-mounted Dome Network Camera This fixed, dome-shaped network camera is designed to be mounted on the ceiling. The mounting bracket is integrated with the camera body, so there is no need for a special, separate mounting fixture. The camera mounts directly to the ceiling. Its attractive, simple design will not detract from the room's appearance. This lets you exchange information with walkie-talkie type communication. The talk button and listen button cannot be used simultaneously.

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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Installation Manual. Operating Instructions Network Camera. Please read this manual before using, and save this manual for future reference. Table of Contents.

Panasonic operating instructions web camera bb-hcma pages. Outdoor network camera with 2-way audio bb-hcma operating manual pages. PoE Ready Please read this manual before using, and save this manual for future reference. Page 2: Main Features This allows you to send your voice to the camera from your PC as well as to view camera images or listen to the sounds sent from the camera position to the PC.

Page 3: Other Features Internet and intranets. Sounds cannot be recorded. Page 6 2. Page 7 6. Remove the cover only when removing the SD Memory Card see page The indicator color shows camera status see page The microphone picks up audio around the camera see page Page 9: Side View 1. Page 12 Click the following tabs to display each page. Enter "ipv6 install". Install it on your PC. Click the [Single] tab at the top of the page.

SD memory recording, using IPsec or enabling Motion Detection will also increase the refresh interval. Page 17 1 Restart the PC. Follow the steps shown below to install ActiveX Controls.

Click the warning displayed above the tabs, and click [Install ActiveX Control Page Zooming In And Out 1. The digital zoom feature can be operated by rotating the mouse wheel or clicking the right mouse button.

Page Tilt Operation 1. This is not a malfunction. Page Capturing A Still Image 1. Operate tilt and select a resolution to display an image. Click the capture image button. Right-click the image, and select [Save Picture As Page Using The Operation Bar 1. The administrator can register one position for the home position. Click [Program]. The Talk feature is stopped during listening. The Talk feature can be used by only one user at a time.

The Listen feature can be used by a maximum of 10 users simultaneously. Access the camera see page Click the [Multi] tab at the top of the page. Page Viewing The Buffered Image Page Viewing the Buffered Image page To buffer images in the camera's internal memory, you need to set up the image transfer settings see page 84, page 94, or page Buffered images can be viewed on this Buffered Image page.

Page 30 Clicking [Download] after specifying the number of images saves images to the specified location. The saved files can be viewed in an easier operation on your PC. You can zoom in and out using the mouse or scroll wheel see page Page 33 2.

Some phones may allow viewing only on port 80, and some may not support password authentication. Select a trigger number that you want to enable or disable. Restart the camera to apply changes to all video viewers. Sets the time period to display camera images see page Click [Save] when finished.

Description Select [Auto Negotiation] normally. Page 46 Setting Max. Select a maximum bandwidth from [Unlimited] to [0. This setting is valid in both IPv4 and IPv6. Set a maximum bandwidth referring to the following file sizes. IPsec provides security for the transmission of sensitive information over unprotected networks such as the Internet. The camera supports the following IPsec features. Page 48 : A service for multiple global addresses A global address must be set up on your PC.

To use IPsec, you need to set up your operating system. Click [IPsec] on the Setup page. Click Camera in the Transport column. Click [Cancel]. Check [Use] in the IPsec column, select an encoding strength, and click [Save]. Operating Instructions Communications may be blocked. Check [Use] in the IPsec column, uncheck the encoding strength, and click [Save]. Set up your VPN router as shown below. Most router manufacturers disable this feature as the default setting. See the router manual for details.

Page 59 Port Forwarding feature The port forwarding feature is required to allow camera access from the Internet with a router that does not support UPnP global one. Global IP address of the router vvv. Page Registering With The Dynamicdns Service DynamicDNS is a service that allows you to assign an easy-to-remember name to the camera, for example, similar to your favorite web site. Page 61 Click [Save]. Click [Go to Viewnetcam. Page 62 Register with the Viewnetcam.

Access your camera with the registered URL from the Internet see page Page 63 Set each parameter. Enter up to characters. This service is compatible with both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. What are the advantages of DynamicDNS service? In order to view camera images over the Internet, you need to know your camera's global IP address.

The date and time are used for the settings of the trigger setting, alarm log, operation time and Buffered Image page. The interface and available values depend on the format. Page 69 Click [Go to Date and Time page]. Using the Automatic Time Adjustment is recommended. Page 2. Click [Camera] on the Setup page. Set each parameter. Page 72 Click [Save] when finished. Click [Go to Camera page]. Click [Audio] on the Setup page.

Setting Output Volume Page 74 Click [Save] when finished. Click [Go to Audio page]. An authentication window allows registered users to access the camera. Page 76 Click [Administrator] on the Setup page. Setting General Authentication has 3 phases.


Panasonic BB-HCM403A - network surveillance camera Specs & Prices

You can take front seat viewing your subject in many different applications such as a web browser, video display, compatible cell phone or even a PDA. It is an easy to install and requires no software to view on the PC. Each camera has its own built in IP address which allows you to track the camera very easily. The B B-HCMA is equipped with a 10x zoom function that allows you to zoom in and out in a total of 10 steps to view objects that are close or far away. This is an important feature because if you are monitoring an area where there are a lot of different elements and you will need to zoom in on a subject then you can get a real good shot of what you need to see. It also has an image refreshing speed of 30 images per second which equal a smoother display experience.


Panasonic Poe Dome Network Camera 10x Zoom Bb-hcm403a



Panasonic BB-HCM403A Operating Instructions Manual



Panasonic BB-HCM403A Camera


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