CD player section Signal-to-noise ratio. Tuner section FM Tuning range. AM Tuning range. USB player section Interface. Power amplifier section Outputs.

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US Model Canadian Model. E Model. Chinese Model. Model Name Using Similar Mechanism. CD Drive Mechanism Type.

Optical Pick-up Name. CD player section. Signal-to-noise ratio. T uning range. Frequency response. Wow and flutter. Below measurable limit. Tuner section. AM tuning interval. Antenna terminal. External antenna connector. Intermediate frequency. FM tuning interval. USB player section. USB Full-speed. Maximum current. Intermediate frequency Usable sensitivity.

Power amplifier section. Speaker outputs sure seal connectors. Speaker impedance. Harmonic distortion at 1 kHz 0. Maximum power output. Sony Corporation.

Power antenna relay control terminal Power amplifier control terminal BUS control input terminal. T one controls. Power requirements. Mounting dimensions. Supplied accessories. Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

US and foreign patents licensed from Dolby Laboratories. During repair, pay attention to electrostatic breakdown and also use the procedure in the printed matter which is included in the repair parts.

The flexible board is easily damaged and should be handled with care. Therefore, when checking the laser diode emission, observe from more than 30 cm away from the objective lens. Notes on Chip Component Replacement. Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure.

If the optical pick-up block is defective, please replace the whole optical pick-up block. Never turn the semi-fixed resistor located at the side of optical pick- up block. E model. This label is located on the bottom of the chassis. Chinese model. T ype of discs. Label on the disc. Boards requiring use of unleaded solder are printed with the lead- free mark LF indicating the solder contains no lead.

Caution: Some printed circuit boards may not come printed with the lead free mark due to their particular size. Unleaded solder has the following characteristics. Ordinary soldering irons can be used but the iron tip has to be applied to the solder joint for a slightly longer time. Caution: The printed pattern copper foil may peel away if the heated tip is applied for too long, so be careful!

To replace the USB connector requires alignment. Insert the USB connector into the front panel. Solder the four terminals of the connector. Do not touch the connector directly with your bare hand.

Poor contact may be caused. Location of Controls. Sub Panel FL Assy. CD Mechanism Block. Main Board. Servo Board. Chassis T Sub Assy. Roller Arm Assy. Chassis OP Assy. Block Diagram —Main Section—. Block Diagram —Display Section—.

Printed Wiring Board —Main Section—. Printed Wiring Board —Key Section—. Schematic Diagram —Key Section—. Main Section. Front Panel Section. This section is extracted from instruction manual. Remove the insulation film before use page 4. To skip tracks press ; skip tracks. To tune in stations automatically press ; find. Receptor for the card remote commander. To adjust volume. To attenuate the sound. To cancel, press. RESET button located behind the front panel 4. To receive stored stations press ; store stations press and hold.

To pause playback. To cancel, press again. SCRL scroll button 8, 9 To scroll the display item. AUX input jack 11 To connect a portable audio device. Keep the USB cap out of the reach of children to prevent accidental swallowing.

The same as the select button on the unit. To change display items press ; change the display brightness press and hold. Number buttons. To receive stored stations press ; store. Tip Fo r details on how to replace the battery, see.

SCRL scroll button 8 To scroll the display item. About USB cap. AUX input jack 12 To connect a portable audio device. Connection example. Notes 2 -A. Tip 2 -B-.


Sony Cdx Gt460us Fm Am



Sony CDX-GT460US Manuals



CDX-GT410U, CDX-GT41UW, CDX-GT460U, CDX-GT460US - Sony Car Audio Service Manual (repair manual)


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