As an eminent enterprise, we offer high quality range of Terminal Blocks. In addition, these terminal blocks are checked on numerous quality measures in order to supply a defect free range. We offer our terminal blocks in different sizes and specifications as per the varied needs of customers. Selec: Timer, Counter, Relay, Meters, etc. Baumer: Lever switch, Pressure Transmitter, Sensor, etc.

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Thank you Your Enquiry has been sent successfully. Thank you! Your enquiry has been sent successfully. Your requirement has been sent successfully. Send Email. Send SMS. Your Contact Information: not me. Elmex Terminal Blocks We have a vast variety of "Elmex" Terminal blocks mainly divided in two categories: - 1.

Malamine Terminal Blocks. Polyamide Terminal Blocks. Termitronix Elmex Terminal Blocks. Get Best Quote. Electronic Control element integral of required type of control logic, or use of specific elements such as standard or Static Relays, and various other control elements.

I am Interested. Feed Through Terminal Polyamide. Stud Type Terminals. Finger Safe Power Terminal. Panel Mounted Terminal Blocks. The terminals are stackable and can be fixed on the surface with the help of fixing screws at the end. Earth Terminal.

The structural design is such that the mounting rail not only has a mechanical but also an electrical function. Earthing is established through the foot which clamps directly onto the rail. Earthing Terminal Blocks are mounted on the same rail along with other terminal blocks. The conducting part is Brass with Nickel-Tin plating, providing a low resistance path.

Moreover, the housing is a Green-Yellow combination in accordance with universally accepted colour code for earthing. Fuse Terminal. Thermocouple Terminal. Distribution Blocks. Component Housing. Feed Through Terminal Malaine. Stud Type Terminal Malamine. In the Feed Through Range, Terminal types KUT25, 35, 50 and 95, with respective rated currents , , and Amps are available for connecting solid and stranded conductors.

Protective transparent covers are assembled at the slots provided on the barrier plates. Lighting Pole Terminal. The special costruction of Lighting Pole Terminals ensures minimum junctions unlike contemporary Terminal Blocks, thus making them suitable for long distance wiring withoug much heat generation and minimum voltage drop A solid Copper Alloy Piece functions as Currenty Carrying part and Wire Clamping unit.

Lighting Pole Terminals come in two varieties - one with two input and one output, and the other with three inputs and one output. The first variety is suitable for contiuous wiring across the lenght of streets. The second variety offers a facility for taking a 'T' junction as an additional feature.

The elmex range includes Lighting Pole Terminals suitable for 25 sq mm and 35 sq mm wires. Looking for Elmex Terminal Blocks? Our Products. Terminals and Busbars. Fork Type Insulated Comb Busbar.

Fork Type Insulated Comb Busbars. Pin Type Insulated Comb Busbar. Compact Fans. DC Brushless Compact Fan. Metal Compact Fans. Compact Cooling Fans. Cable Glands. Single Compression Brass Cable Glands. Double Compression Brass Cable Glands. Cable Glands with External Strain Relief. Sprint Cable Glands Metric. Ventgland Cable Glands. Metal Cable Glands. Metric Cable Glands. Cable Ties. Stainless Steel Cable Ties.

Screw Type Cable Tie. Cable Tie. PVC Sleeves. PVC Ferruling. PVC Wiring Channels. PVC Trunking. Control Panel Accessories. Control Panel Wing Knob. Transparent Door Label Holder. Snap Latches. Door Label Holder.

Conduit Pipes and Coupling. Polyamide and Nylon Conduit Pipe. Tags and Seals. Security Seal Tag Ties. Security Seals. Document Holders. Control Panel Document Holders. Control Panel Air Vents. Surface Mounted Air Vent. Fan Accessories. Fan Grill. C Frame Motors. Air Moving Products. Centrifugal Blowers.

Large Axial Fans. Backward Curved Fan. Dust Caps. Plastic Dust Caps. Wire Management Accessories. Spiral Sleeves. Cable Tie Mounts with Adhesive.

Rubber Grommets and Closures. Self Adhesive Wire Support. Meter Window. Meter Viewing Window. Meter Inspection Windows.

Door Knob. Panel Door Knob and Lock. Control Panel Door Knob and Lock.


Elmex Terminals

Thank you Your Enquiry has been sent successfully. Yash Traders has established its identity as the manufacturer of Clip on Terminals and this is a category is offering product with lots of working efficiencies. These are designed as per international quality standards and exact industry norms. Apart from that our clients can avail these products at market leading prices within the committed time frame. We are acclaimed for providing a comprehensive range of high quality Clip on Terminal Types, which is widely appreciated by our customers. Besides, our clients can avail these products at market leading prices within the committed time frame. Our entire range of Clip on Terminal Elmex is briefly cited below:.


Stud Type Terminal - Screw Driver Operated

While standard Screw Clamp or Spring Clamp terminal blocks are designed for direct connection of conductors, solid, stranded, flexible , simply after stripping the insulation, there are other wiring practices and applications where conductors have to be provided with ring type or fork types lugs, for more secured connections. These are available in both Polyamide 6. For Stud Type terminals KAT, studs have special long nuts, with a slot at the top, so that the nuts can be operated using screwdrivers. This facility of using screw-driver is very useful where space-constraints may not allow use of standard spanner for tightening. These nuts also serve as test sockets, in which pins of test wires can be plugged. For stud Type terminals KBT, standard nuts are provided on the studs nut driver operated for securing the lugged conductors.

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