These solutions now offer enhanced features for intelligently moving, storing, and protecting data without burdening production resources. The RecoverTrac tool has more flexibility to automate failover and failback with greater accuracy in any physical, virtual, or hybrid environment, including VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V deployments. Improved capabilities allow users to:. FalconStor data protection solutions go beyond other storage management systems by optimizing and enabling storage virtualization, continuous data protection, business continuity, and data analysis within heterogeneous physical, virtual, and hybrid environments across multiple locations.

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FalconStor NSS was designed as a massively scalable, highly available storage virtualization solution. Supporting existing third-party disk arrays, FalconStor NSS eliminates data boundaries and vendor lock-in, providing fast and easy data provisioning, mirroring, migration, snapshots, and replication. As data volumes grow along with application-generated data, corresponding storage volumes must grow as well.

Additionally, as the proliferation of virtual servers increases, the need to centrally store multiple virtual machine data follows. FalconStor NSS gives customers freedom to meet current and future data volume provisioning needs. Moreover, because virtual machine density is a critical factor in financial and economic justification for hypervisor deployments, 64TB LUN support makes these deployments possible and practical.

One of the biggest recurring storage challenges is moving data to new disk arrays as old models become obsolete or reach the end of their lease cycle. Often, costly professional services are required to migrate between devices, particularly if they are devices from different vendors. FalconStor NSS simplifies this process with a simple point-and-click procedure through the use of synchronous data mirroring between disk arrays.

There is no application downtime during this process. Virtualization technology from providers such as VMware, Microsoft, and Citrix is gaining popularity among businesses for its ability to consolidate servers, maximize space utilization, and streamline management.

However, virtual servers require the same level of protection and storage provisioning as physical servers. FalconStor NSS provides the same comprehensive capabilities to physical and virtual servers alike. Increase disk capacity utilization to reduce costs through thin provisioning technology, FalconStor NSS optimizes capacity utilization, using less physical storage than what is represented by the virtual disks.

The result is maximized disk utilization efficiency and reduced storage costs. Enable application-consistent snapshots for the most popular business applications. Up to 1, snapshots are available per protection volume, for the most flexible and comprehensive up-to-the-moment recovery points. FalconStor NSS enables efficient and robust replication between sites, leveraging storage from any vendor at any office location. Built-in WAN-optimized replication with compression provides improved bandwidth efficiency and cost reduction, and encryption at rest or in-flight enables optimal data security.

Learn More. In addition, RecoverTrac technology facilitates nonintrusive disaster recovery testing, allowing organizations to identify potential recovery issues before actual disasters occur.

Integrate with tape and accelerate tape backup by automatically mounting snapshots from FalconStor NSS to a backup server. Because backup occurs directly from storage to the tape, applications are not impacted.

Partners Find a Partner Become a Partner. Find a Partner Become a Partner. Network Storage Server NSS Maintain continuous business operations and improve efficiency with storage virtualization.

If you are struggling to provide storage capacity for growing data volumes and increasing numbers of servers and this challenge is further complicated by the proliferation of storage resources from multiple vendors, request a demo of Network Storage Server NSS today to learn how you can lower costs, meet data growth needs, and integrate SANs across locations.

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FalconStor Data Mastery Platform Operating Systems

For remote protection, FalconStor NSS supports VMware Site Recovery Manager to simplify backup and recovery by eliminating complex manual steps and centralizing management of recovery plans including the storage layer. Thin Provisioning for effective disk utilization FalconStor NSS SA series appliances can create virtual data volumes using Thin Provisioning, which allocates physical storage space on an as-needed basis, using less physical storage than what is represented by virtual disks. This maximizes disk utilization and limits data volume management overhead while reducing storage costs and power consumption. This flexible and comprehensive recovery tool supports physical and virtual servers, including mixed environments. Single or multiple recovery locations are supported, as well as local and remote recovery. Supported recovery types include physical-to-physical P2P for identical servers , physical-to-virtual P2V , and virtual-to-virtual V2V. With WAN-optimized replication, data can be replicated across any distance via IP to the same or dissimilar storage arrays.





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