Ci-dessous vous pouvez lire une traduction de traducteur humain en anglais. We chat with Dr. For the most part, scaphoid fractures have their origin in sudden falls or intense and sudden flexions of the hand. For this reason, they are common in the practice of sports prone to this type of scenario -football, basketball, handball, etc. We could say that any strong activity involving impact on hand-risk may cause a fracture of the scaphoid.

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The authors report two cases of concomitant scaphoid and distal radial fractures, a rare combination of lesions in children. The first case was in a year-old boy who presented a midscaphoid fracture associated with a distal forearm fracture. The second case concerned a year-old boy who presented a midscaphoid fracture associated with a Salter type II distal radial fracture. Both fractures were reduced under general anaesthesia. Associated scaphoid fractures should be suspected with all types of distal forearm injuries in children.

Reduction of the radius fracture should be done carefully to avoid possible displacement of the scaphoid fracture.

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Fracture du scaphoïde

The diagnosis of acute fracture of the scaphoid still continues to be missed despite an increasing improvement of imaging techniques. In fact, these fractures are mainly neglected because of minimal early symptoms or quick resolution of initial symptoms. X-ray analysis of acute fractures is rather difficult because of the irregular shape of the scaphoid and its overlapping with other structures. In case of doubtfull or negative initial radiographic views, a technetium 99 bone scan or MR imaging should be consisidered. These fractures occuring in the young and most active members of our society represents a population that doesn't have the patience for traditionnal immobilisation in cast. Thus patients whith undisplaced fractures for whom early return to work or sport is a primary concern, percutaneous repair with cannulated screw fixation using fluoroscopy and even aided with arthroscopy represents an increasing option.


Classifications des fractures et pseudarthroses du scaphoïde carpien

A scaphoid fracture is a break of the scaphoid bone in the wrist. Scaphoid fractures are most commonly caused by a fall on an outstretched hand. The fracture may be preventable by using wrist guards during certain activities. People with scaphoid fractures generally have snuff box tenderness. Focal tenderness is usually present in one of three places: 1 volar prominence at the distal wrist for distal pole fractures; 2 anatomic snuff box for waist or midbody fractures; 3 distal to Lister's tubercle for proximal pole fractures.


Scaphoid fracture


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