Haegemonia takes place in the distant future where humanity has colonized the solar system and tensions are high between the World Government of Earth and colonial Mars. A summit on Earth's moon is planned to ease tensions, but the Martian representative's shuttle is destroyed en route by a third, currently unknown, party. The two sides blame each other and this one event sparks off the civil war between the colonists and Earth. The player can side with Captain Jack Garner of Earth to quell the colonial uprising, or join Captain Nilea Cortilliari and the Martian colonists on their campaign for independence. The Earth Campaign of Haegemonia is treated more like a basic training campaign.

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Main Objectives : - Establish a foothold in one of the neighboring systems. Alpha is by far the easiest system, with Gamma being a bit harder, and Beta is the toughest. No matter which one you choose, send all your ships through it, because the wormholes are experiencing a problem after you jump, so you will be blocked in the new system of you choice.

After you have made your choice, your first priority should be to research Interstellar not Interplanetary merchants, then build 3 of them.

You should also research and build a mining base. Then, no matter which system you have chosen, an asteroid will be detected on a collision course with your planet.

Send 2 or 3 squads out to deal with it. Throughout the entire mission pirates will continuously attack your planet, so be careful. Also, they seem to like to strike on your mining bases, so make sure that they're heavily guarded.

If you chose any system but Beta, you'll get a message about a mysterious and powerful alien base there. If you did choose Beta, you wont get any message, but if you want you explore the system with your ships you will eventually find it. If you pull them back quick after the cutscene you can save them. The alien base is in the wreckage field on the lower center of the starmap.

Getting your population up can take awhile, so set it to 4x, select "Continuous Housing Project" for your planet, drop taxes to 0 if you have other incomes and let your corvettes and fighters take care of the pirates. Meanwhile, feel free to use your research points. Once your colony hits Million, mission is finished. As you can tell by the mission title, this mission's your chance to get back at those red pirates.

Beta System : Near the center in the asteroid field. Gamma System : Just above the planet Gamma I. NOTE : The ship you send to rescue them must not have a hero already in it. After you've got enough cash and research done, build the base and deploy it.

After it's deployed, you'll get some messages about the stations weapon problems, so you'll be stuck defending it for a while. After the station comes back online and you get a message about the pirates. Main Objectives : - Build at least one colony in each neighboring system.

Other Objectives : - Destroy the Space Monster. As all the wormholes are finally fixed, your first priority should be to build interstellar and interplanetary merchants and to research "Colonization ship" and "Population transport ship".

Almost immediately after you start, you get a message from Evelyn De Mille who runs the Southern Cross residential station. It's randomly located in the 3 outer systems.

After that, you will get a message about an alien life form travelling in the Gamma System. Send all of your ships to destroy it. You will get plenty of Xp. Some time after that, you'll get another message from Evelyn De Mille saying that someone has released a gas on the station and they need evacuation. Build a population transport ship and force-move it near the station. Once you have all the people aboard, you can drop them on any planet you wish.

Also, Evelyn De Mille will join you as a hero if you wish. She's an excellent governor. The sooner you can eliminate the pirates the better, so build a good fleet, find their planets and capture them. What system they choose is random but they never choose the system you are in, so just go to each system and look through the planets display to see if it's there. Once you captured their planets, they become your colonies in that system.

Send a Colonization ship to the last system and deploy it there. Then sit back and wait for your colonies to hit 1 billion population. Meanwhile you should use some of your research points before the next mission. Main Objectives : - Improve each system up to 1 billion colonists. Other Objectives : - Guard Clairvoyance. Focus on research and protect your colonies having a base near each colony is definitely a good idea. First, and then get your colonies to 1 billion by making them produce "Continuous Housing Project".

Send a squad or two of corvettes to guard it. Pirates will attack the ship, but your corvettes should make short work of them. Keep researching and building up your defenses. After awhile you'll get a cutscene about an alien attack, then awhile later a message from Vincent Codiaque about an alien task force followed by another message giving you their approximate location.

The task force is real tough, so send all of your ships after it. If your planets have already hit 1 billion, the mission is complete, if they have not just sit back until it's done. Main Objectives : - Mine ore. Other Objectives : - Ensure that the spy prototype gets back safely to Gamma. Optional Objectives :. In this mission, you have the choice to follow the main objectives which consists of building a military base and mine ore or you can decide to capture the Kariak planet.

It's up to you. Either way, you begin the mission with a mining base so deploy it on an asteroids to gain money. After awhile, you'll get a message informing you that a spy prototype will be testing his cloak in this system. The spy ship will fly around the kariak planet and then go back to Gamma. Once you've mined the ore, you can build or research whatever you want, and then build a military base. Then deploy the military base to finish the mission.

If you choose to follow the main objectives, you will play the next level : Episode 3 Mission 2. Once you capture the kariak planet you'll skip Episode 3 mission 2 and play Episode 3 Mission 3. Build the max amount of ships and attack the Kariak planet. After awhile Kuchera will come back and perform a mission, but he gets himself detected. Destroy the ships that are tracking him. After you capture the planet, the Kariaks will send a retaliatory force against your planet.

After all Kariak ships in the system have been destroyed, the mission will end. Main Objectives : - Take Beta and Gamma back. In this mission, the goal is to help mankind to repel the kariaks who try to invade the Solar System, the Alpha System, the Gamma System and the Beta System.

To do so, build the maximum of military squads and help mankind to taking back the Beta System first. Emil Kuchera will drop by after a bit to land you a hand and sabotage enemy units. After a while, Yoshimo Sakuzo will ask for your help to defend the Alpha System which is under attack, so quickly finish off the kariaks in Beta and move on to Alpha.

Once you enter Alpha, you'll be treated to a cutscene, and then have to fight the Kariak forces. After the kariak fleet is destroyed, take back whatever planets they managed to capture, and move on to Gamma.

Tip : If you ignore Yoshimo Sakuzo's call or if you arrive too late, he will be killed by the kariaks. Once you come to Gamma I, the people revolt and join your side immediately. To finish the mission, take back all of the planets and destroy all kariaks ships.

Have your colony ship land on either planet, then build another colony ship and populate the other planet. After a little while, Emil Kuchera will report in and join your forces.

Send spies only in the systems nearby because if the kariaks detect your ships, you'll have a major problem to deal with as they are very stong. If you go through the upper wormhole and arrives to the Yarbo System, you'll get a message that it's a far advanced kariak system, so go through the lower wormhole. It's also good to research Energy Absorb Plating before sending your ships through the lower wormhole as the next system you'll fly trhough has a strong solar activity.

Jump from that system to the next one and make your way around the black hole to the next wormhole. The next system is populated by kariaks so fly through it discretly and jump through to the next system. Once you arrive to Raki, you'll get a message from Heinrich Stome. Now, have a spy ship commanded by Emil Kuchera go to each planet of the system to scan it automatically. Once you find the kariaks home planet, you'll see a cutscene in which Kuchera downloads the data and gets himself detected.

End of the mission. Main Objectives : - Destroy all kariaks mining bases in Yarbo. Other objectives : - Help General Ulthrok in Panola. Soon after you start and if you saved him in Episode 3 Mission 3, Yoshimo Sakuzo will join you as a hero with his cruiser squad.

Send your spies into Yarbo, and have them start stealing money and technologies, grabbing info and sabotaging units and planetary defenses. After that, build a fleet and take the system. Once you capture two planets, you'll get a message from General Ulthrok asking for your help as he has difficulties in the Panola system.

As soon as you get that message, a wormhole to Panola will open in Yarbo so send all your ships through the wormhole to Panola. After you get there you'll find out that the message was a fake, so jump back through to Yarbo. Note: Once you enter the Panola System, a cutscene will launch and any ships left in Yarbo except spies and military bases will be destroyed, so make sure to send your others units to Panola or Kzolan before jumping to Panola.


Haegemonia Walkthrough 2 : Mars Campaign

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