HP calculators are various calculators manufactured by the Hewlett-Packard company over the years. Their desktop models included the HP series , while their handheld models started with the HP Their focus has been on high-end scientific, engineering and complex financial uses. In the s, Hewlett-Packard was becoming a diversified electronics company with product lines in electronic test equipment , scientific instrumentation, and medical electronics , and was just beginning its entry into computers. The corporation recognized two opportunities: it might be possible to automate the instrumentation that HP was producing, and HP's customer base were likely to buy a product that could replace the slide rules and adding machines that they were now using for computation.

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Quick Links. HP 49G Pocket Guide. Quick Reference Chart. Function Key Guide. Reserved Names and Constants. Error and Status Messages. System Information. System Flags. Object Types. Character Keys. Command Reference. Table of Contents. Rpn scientific programming examples and techniques pages.

Make your changes, then press to return to Equation Writer. Edit the contents on the command line, and press to place them on level 1 of the stack. Displays the contents of the current level in VIEW textbook mode. Page 5 Graphics Editor Turns on pixels beneath the cursor. Draws a line from a marked point to the LINE cursor.

Press to mark a point. Page 6: Reserved Names And Constants Reserved Names and Constants You should avoid using certain names for variables, because their contents are interpreted by the calculator in set ways.

Some examples are given in the following table. Page 7: Units A unit object is comprised of a number and a unit separated by the underscore character. You can use the HP 49G to convert unit objects from one unit to another, comparable, unit.

You can also use unit objects in calculations. Page System Information System Operations For system operations, you press and hold the key, then press and release certain other keys before releasing Keys Operation Cold restart. Cancels keystroke prior to key release. Warm restart. YY date format. An ampersand denotes that you hold down the first key while you press the second key. Key s Char. A brief description of each command is provided, together with the key or keys that provide access to the command.

Where appropriate, at least one argument input and the corresponding result output is provided. MMSSs format. Print page 1 Print document 80 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


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Quick Links. HP 49G Pocket Guide. Quick Reference Chart. Function Key Guide.


HP calculators


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