Beauty Tips, Recipes. Tonya Zavasta. Rawsome Flex:. BR Publishing P. Box Cordova,TN www.

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Beauty Tips, Recipes. Tonya Zavasta. Rawsome Flex:. BR Publishing P. Box Cordova,TN www. Box Cordova, TN Printed in Canada. All Rights Reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, in part or in whole, by any means, except for brief quotations embodied in articles and reviews, without the express written consent of the publisher. ISBN I nt rodu cti o n.

I recommend that you do not print this e- book. No need to print—I designed it as an e-book. Read it on your monitor screen. Use it faithfully for 21 days.

I placed. The first three weeks of exercise are crucial to your suc- cess. After exercising daily with maybe a couple of days off for 21 days, most people will see dramatic results. At that time you will want to continue. You will find the time and place to do them. Go ahead and read through all the exercises and try them out. However, delayed gratification is the name of the game during those first few weeks. You must develop a daily habit. When an action becomes a habit, the probability of con- tinued repetition rises tenfold.

It saves energy and at the same time relieves you of the burden of decision-making. Do something one way, make a specific choice, and it becomes so much easier to repeat over and over again. Researchers say it takes about three weeks to develop a new habit. I see my task as helping and encouraging you day by day during these 21 days. Do not read the entire 21 day program the section of the e-book which starts after the exercise descriptions in one sitting. Instead, read it one day at a time, over the course of the 21 days.

Believe me, I want you to succeed as much as you want to look better. That is why I introduce something inspirational every day to support you when you need that. Each day, I include something intriguing, something to motivate you, something to make you want to work on your face.

Do not jeopardize my efforts and your potential progress. Remember…we hear only what we are ready to hear. I suspect that only one in a hundred will do as I ask by not reading ahead. This one person will get the most from my e-book. During the first several days new facial lines may appear. These exer- cises are carefully designed to eliminate wrinkles—not to create new ones. We should not blame the exercises if our skin lacks the elasticity to snap back.

Young faces always have this snap- back quality. Pinch a tiny piece of flesh for several seconds, and its youthfulness will be shown by how quickly it returns to a plump, smooth appearance. Do understand that lines etched on our faces are indica- tions of poor muscle tone and greatly aged skin. Every exer- cise is designed never to create a line on a normally.

Exercise itself does not cause problems. Flaccid, unsupported muscles are to blame. Of course, even a young face gets expression lines. But smiles and frowns take decades to become a per- manent part of our faces. A few days of exercise is definitely not going to give you permanent lines. As you keep doing the exercises, the facial muscles will become more and more toned, and those lines will no longer be an issue.

You have reached a crucial moment of decision: Will one extra temporary line stop you from exercising? Or will you concentrate on building the muscle tone that allows you to rejuvenate your skin so it will eventually be able to rebound from the occasional exercise crease? Now is the time to start an exercise regimen that will help you regain muscle support. These strengthened muscles will firm up your skin. Wrinkles, old creases as well as new, will gradually disappear.

Keep in mind that exercises are just as good for your face as they are for the rest of your body. Nonetheless, every past or present facial exercise expert will remind you: There is a period of adjustment. Your face is going through major reor- ganizing. Once dormant muscles are now developing. Underlying structure is changing. Your skin is not yet elastic enough and therefore is holding creases.

As your face develops more elasticity through exercise, it will not main- tain these creases. Those of you on raw foods regimens know that every- thing real and beneficial for your health has a transition period. And, just like raw foods, facial exercises are not pop- ular because they require patience, persistence, and some adjustment. If you have any health problems or con- cerns, I recommend that you discuss these exercises with your health care profes- sional, osteopath, or chiropractor before starting them.

Remember, the exercises are there to help and should not cause any pain. If you do experience pain, please stop doing the exercises and refer to your health care practitioner. To know that you are doing the exercises correctly, you must work your muscles to exhaustion, until you feel they are burning. Just be consistent. Always start your facial exercises by washing your hands and face. Always finish your facial exercises by applying a good moisturizer.

Corrugator Supercilii. Temporal fascia. Orbicularis Oculi. Masseter deep. Masseter superficial. Facial Muscles Diagram. Exercise 1. Warm up. Remember the last time you skinned a chicken breast or trimmed meat hopefully this was a long time ago before you switched to raw vegan foods?

You saw fascia. Fascia is the thin, whitish colored band or sheath of connective tissue between the skin and the muscle of the meat. Fascia looks thin, but it is very fibrous and strong. Your body also has fascia. Fascia forms directly under the skin and serves as a strong layer of connective tissue between the skin and the muscles underneath it.

It is very important to keep the fascia from becoming glued to the skin or muscles it covers. This exercise will greatly increase circulation in your face and get it ready for these exercises. Sit straight. Place the palms of your hands on both sides of your face, fingers up.

Press them tightly to the sides of your face. Move your hands up and down in a small range of motion several times and then stop. Repeat 5 times. Exercise 2. This exercise tones the entire eye area by strengthening the Orbicularis Oculi.

Place your thumbs and index fingers around your eyes. Make an open circle around your eye with your fingers. Open your eyes wide with the help of your fingers. Now close your eyes tightly using your eye muscles. Let your fingers provide gentle resistance that forces the muscles to work hard.


Rawsome Flex

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Rawsome Flex: Beautifying System of Facial Exercises and Raw Foods

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