The effects are really all very good qualities, including the effects of modulation the vibe is terrible. Guitar World offers some of the most successful and finest tuned ears in the business. It uses a cathodyne splitter, and its power section is cathode biased. Softly advance the expression pedal, and take your foot off when the pedal stops. How would you compare it to FUSE. You'll also be able to monitor the audio playback of your software via the ToneLab ST.

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Quick Links. See also: Service Manual , Owner's Manual. Table of Contents. If something does slip into the equipment, unplug the AC adapter from the wall outlet. Then contact your nearest VOX dealer or Location the store where the equipment was purchased. Do not discard this product, manual, package or battery along with ordinary household waste. Top panel a. Page 7 b. The LED will be lit if the This adjusts the gain of the selected amp model.

By entering OPTION parameter setting mode you can set If the cabinet model is turned off, turning this control in parameters for the cabinet model. Page 8 b. This is used to set the speed of the modulation effect or the delay time of the delay effect. Page 9 5. Program value display Normally this shows the program number.

Page 10 d. Expression pedal section This lets you specify the maximum value and minimum value of a. To adjust the vol- ical impact. Be careful not to subject the ToneLab ST to strong ume, use the controls of the connected device. The ToneLab ST has a total of one hundred programs, consisting If you want to connect this in stereo to a mixer or recorder, of rewritable user programs No.

Page Saving A Program Saving a program Turning the knob toward the right will increase the amount of noise reduction. The GAIN control is disabled. Set- ToneLab ST. Page 18 This models a beautiful 30W boutique amp head renowned for advantage of the active tone circuit to create highly distinctive its peerless quality and true point-to-point wiring. Based on a lead sounds. Page 19 Hollywood. Turn the GAIN control all the way produces rich overtones and highly musical response.

Page 20 SPL Special sound. This models the overdrive channel of a snakeskin-covered W amp head made in Page 24 3. Page 25 4. This is a pitch shifter that allows you to play chords, and has a variable range of one octave upward or downward. Page Reverb Types 9. The ToneLab ST has a built-in auto chromatic tuner. Please contact your nearby VOX dealer. The effects are bypassed if the tuner is active. Print page 1 Print document 40 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR.

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